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    There is a sheet metal 'Quill Guard' in the quill housing. It looks like a piece of shimstock, to repair a sloppy but it is meant to be in there. The question is, what retains this? Mine was kind of floating around in there ,and was rubbing on the plastic feed drive gear - not so good.


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    Could you take a couple pics?


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      Hi shuswap, here is a contact # for mag Cincinnati 859-534-4600. Diane Scott handles the Excello stuff. The sheet metal shim is a quill guard to cover the slot in the head stock when the quill is over half way extended. There is suppose to be a spring held with a screw at the top of the quill, the spring is to hold the quill guard in place. Don't ask me how it is suppose to go in there as mine is missing the quill guard and spring. If you talk to Diane she may be able to send you an electronic ( pdf file ) copy of the manual. If not send me a PM and i will forward it to you.