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What do you think of this little mill?

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  • What do you think of this little mill?

    I made a lowball offer several weeks ago, letting him know I knew it was a lowball offer but to just keep me in mind if he didnt sell it.

    He has comeback with an offer above my low offer....

    His email:
    "If you're still interested in the mill I could go as low as $XXX. That's what I have in the machine and motor not including the stripping sanding and painting. I might also have a few odds and ends to throw in with it.

    If you're local I can assist with moving it as well.

    Really need the shop space. New machine on the way."

    ..but I am getting ready to pay for some new wedges which is gonna take away from my mad money to buy things for awhile...

    Do any of you have an opinion on the machine?? Worth grabbing? Any of you want it?

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    Not for me, but here's a link:


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      It makes my Horror Fright mill look like the ones they use in shipyards.
      No good deed goes unpunished.


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        It looks like a beautiful little machine and one that would find a cosy home in my shop, it is a shame the shipping would be so expensive!

        It is an antique but it can also be used!
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          looks like you want someone else to get it

          not criticizing, I have effectively done the same.
          Tom C
          ... nice weather eh?


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            What a nifty little mill....

            It figures... I lived in the east not long ago. Could have driven to Cleveland and back in a long long day.

            All the nifty reasonably priced old machines were out in the middle of the country or on the Left coast. Now I live in the middle of the country. Everything is in the east or on the Left coast!

            It sounds to me like you are indeed trying to see somebody else get that. I wish I was a. Closer, b. had a little extra cash.
            Mike N

            Occasional maker of swarf.


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              Well, I would like to have the mill..but I am afraid its not cheap enough for me. His current asking price is $300. I have spent some of my mad money on a couple of new golf wedges.

              The reason I wanted it was because it was old and nifty..But I was hesitant about what unique tooling requirements it would need...

              I would be glad to help anybody here obtain it, but you can also contact the seller direct through the craigslist listing that I posted.


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                Did anyone who is expressing regrets notice that it is the "universal" or "toolroom" version with a rotating table that can be set off for cutting gears, etc?

                That makes it quite a bit different from and more interesting and useful than most other small mills. At 300lb, it seems quite likely to be solid and useful , even without an over-arm.

                And he will throw in a dividing head....... which if workable might easily be $100 alone.
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                Hashim Khan


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                  GRRRRR Mr Tiers!!! Stop trying to convince me......I am a weak man..


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                    ... 9 ... 8 ...7 ... 6 ... 5 ...

                    talk yourself into taking an advance on your mad money, you can guarantee SWMBO that you have plenty more mad where that came from.
                    Tom C
                    ... nice weather eh?


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                      Just a suggestion, but I would sell any and all golf equipment I had if I wanted something like that. Just have to choose your priorities ;-)
                      "Work hard. Tell everyone everything you know. Close a deal with a handshake. Have fun!"

                      -- Harold "Doc" Edgerton


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                        Well, I got busy at work and didnt work on this.. In the mean time someone came along and gave him what he wanted for it. So apparently everyone is happy...I think...


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                          Thats a shame it looks unreal i'd love a machine like that if its going for an affordable price, and he was even including a dividing head.


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                            I wonder what those wedges will be worth in a couple of years versus the milling machine and dividing head.
                            Jim H.