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Grinding Wheels for Table Top Sanford

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  • Grinding Wheels for Table Top Sanford

    I am looking for a source for wheels compatable with the table top Sanford surface grinder.

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    What size? What speed? How do they differ from any other wheel?
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      If your Sanford grinder is anything like this one:
      you're in luck. It uses a 7" x 1/2" wheel which is a very common size.

      I would suggest a porous wheel like this as a good starter: which is good with a variety of different materials. I purchased one of these wheels and find that I use it on anything from cast iron to tool steel with good results. If you have multiple hubs so that you can mount a wheel and leave it mounted you are better off than having to take the wheel off and on when you want to change it.

      You may find it necessary to experiment with what works best for you. I find that grinding with a small grinder like the Sanford definitely takes some practice.


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        Surface grinder wheels

        If this is the surface grinder, you will have no trouble getting a wheel for it.

        It requires a standard 1 1/4" = 1.25" = 31.75mm bore which is right on standard and will be available from tool suppliers:

        One Preowned Sanford Surface Grinder

        X-Axis Travel: 13"
        Y-Axis Travel: 8-3/4"
        Z-Axis Travel: 12"
        Wheel Size: 7" x 1/2" x 1-1/4"
        Table Work Surface: 5-5/8" x 12-1/4"
        Spindle Speed: 3000 RPM
        Motor: 3/4 HP
        Weight: 540 lbs

        I don't know if that grinder has a balancing hub or not but with a good well-made wheel it may not matter.

        DO NOT cut corners with cheap wheels as it just isn't worth it - the known good wheels are not expensive. Just buy "Norton" or "Saint Gobain" (aka St. Gobain) which owns Norton anyway.

        Buy a diamond wheel dresser ("stick") as they are quite cheap - and use it.


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          I think you are talking about the little Sanford. Like this:

          if so I use tool post grinder wheels:

          Edit to give the correct link to the grinder wheel:

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