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    Kinda the same here but I'm usually up by 6 and sometimes by 4 AM because it hurts to stay in bed. Go out and shuffle around for an hour or so and then come in and take a nap.

    I just got a Dean Smith lathe that I'm redoing so that is taking up a lot of time. I can't post pictures for some reason, otherwise I would give a blow by blow.

    You are right about the doctor visits, they take a lot of time. We live about an hour from Vegas so it is usually the whole day shot.
    The wife is on chemo so we can easily kill at least 2 and sometimes 4 days a week just going to the doc.

    Finally got some renters for my place in the back so we'll have some mad money again. More toys.

    Just noticed Ed on here, Hi! Didn't realize you did the market thing too. I only do it cause I have to so I didn't mention it
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  • gr8life
    Been retired for 8 years +- Here is my schedule
    Up 06:15 +- 15 minutes
    On line trade some days
    Mon. Wed. Fri. Walk to gym- work out - walk home 1hr 45 min +-
    Shop till 10:30
    Back in shop by 11:00 +-
    Work till 1:00 snack
    Shop till 4:00
    Tue. Thu. Sat. Sun. same as above but no gym (Sat & Sun no market)
    I do enough work to pay for my hobby + make a little profit.
    I love it. I tried not working so much but found I am happiest when I am doing something. It is a GR8Life
    to each his own

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  • DFMiller
    I think I had more time to do shop work when I was working, I am on semi- retirement for a few more months and I am getting very little shop time. I am almost looking forward to going back to work. I guess I should not complain too much as I get to go to the CNC workshop. Started driving there today. I should make it in time as long as I dont knock any cyclists off their bikes with my mirrors. ;-)

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  • Pherdie
    Ditto on I'm in no hurry, that is one of the things I enjoy best. After spending most of my life at a fever pitched pace, I was ready to slow down.
    I probably get far less done in a given week than I used to, but I really don't care. Coming from a goal orientated person, that's quite a reformation.

    Sometimes other responsibilities keep me out of the shop, but I usually get in at least an hour or two a day and on good days, all day. The shop is my happy place, my Fortress of Solitude. No commute necessary, food, drinks and toilets just steps away. My music, my thoughts, my long awaited projects.....


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  • saltmine
    'bout right. I try not to get up any earlier than 6:00 AM, mainly because one of the channels on my Satellite TV has "The Three Stooges" on some mornings at 6:00AM. Yeah, after all these years, I'm still a Stooge fan. Having worked in a shop run by the real life "Three Stooges" before I retired didn't help. Breakfast, sh*t, shave, and shower, not necessarily in that order, and I'm ready to face the day. Here, in Arizona if you want to get something done, it has to be done before noon, because it gets so darned hot. (No A/C in the shop). Around noon, I come inside, turn on the cooler, and have lunch.
    Catch up with what's going on at several forums around the internet. Maybe do a little reading, or scratch out some CAD renderings, take a nap, then it's dinner time...Maybe watch a little TV (TV is getting pretty bad, lately. too many lame "soap operas", "kill-everything-in-sight" shows and stupid reality shows seem to be the most's no wonder I watch mostly documentaries and cartoons)

    Fortunately, just recently, I bought myself a stool so I can sit down while I'm working in the shop. Ten years ago I would have never thought of that.

    One thing I learned: I don't have to RUSH anything anymore....thank God!
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    Guest replied
    I'm in no hurry.

    Since I'm no longer working, I never spend more than three hours in the shop at any one time. It's usually in the morning from 8:00 a.m. If I have something to do, it really makes little difference when I finish. It's the process that I enjoy.

    I have projects going all of the time. The latest one is reviving a Honda riding mower that was bought new by the former owner, ridden one season and then left out in the rain.....for five years. I got it free but it's taken me a month to remove the rust and refinish everythng and now I get to put it all back together. No rush on anything anymore.

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  • lugnut
    The most important thing I found out when I retired is: I don't have to rush to get things done around the house before the weekend is over. I have all damn week to do it now and at MY pace... You will learn to slow down and take your time.

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  • bborr01
    Hi Greg,

    I hear you. I have been retired for about 4 years now. I remember having retirees tell me that they don't know how they ever found time to go to work.

    It seems like I still do a lot of what I did before I retired, just more of it.


    edit: I wish I could say that I average 25 hours a week in the shop. Maybe on a good week.
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  • lakeside53
    "So if I get three or four five-hour days a week, I consider it a good week.Sounds about right..."

    Sounds about right! Sometime I can squeeze in an 8 hour day... if you count the other local under-employed that pop in to visit for an hour or two.

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    Guest started a topic So now that you are retired...

    So now that you are retired...

    So now that you are retired…

    do you have more time for the shop, about the same, or less?

    I was chatting on line with a youngster (perhaps 25 or so) recently and he said he’d like to retire so he could spend 50 hours a week in the shop. I told him that it doesn’t work that way.

    Here’s how it goes:

    First, one of my rules is that I do NOT get up at 5:30 any more. Even if I wake up early by mistake, I stay in bed until 6:30 minimum, usually 7, just as a matter of principle. Then there is breakfast and the paper, and a check on-line for more news and email. Then comes my morning workout and walk, followed by a shower and shave (Honey says I have to shave or I don’t get… well, I have to shave), which takes the morning to about 9 or 9:30.

    Then I have about two hours or so in the shop until lunch, which includes more on-line lurking, followed by the all-important Siesta. Being a former Olympic napper (Silver Medal, Freestyle Snooze), I need to keep in shape so said Siesta could be 45 minutes or an hour, the whole lunch break ending up at about two hours total. After that, I’m a bit wiped out from the exertion so it’s back to the kitchen to replace some carbs and electrolytes. Then it’s perhaps three hours in the shop ‘till dinner.

    I rarely work in the shop after dinner. It’s either too dark or too cold or too hot or there are too many bugs, and besides, the wife usually needs some recognition, or there is some on-line stuff that needs attention (such as this forum), or I need another shower (it’s really hot here in the summer). Then it’s time to wind down for beddy-bye. If I don’t slow down gradually, I won’t sleep through the night which means the next day could require two Siestas. Not a bad thing, but Honey taunts me about it so I try to avoid it (at least when she’s home).

    All of the above doesn’t include interruptions for Honey-dos, grandchildren (They all live in our town, When the kids come over, they like to hammer nails into wood in the shop, so all other shop work stops, or I need to read them a story or fix broken toys.), or tending to old ladies (Mom is 96 and M.I.L. is 91). And my sweetheart has decided that, after going to the market for 41 years and trying to decide what to feed me, that I need to go along and pick out what I want to eat. (Fair enough except she doesn’t like what I pick and won’t cook it, so it ends up on the shelf. She won’t let me cook because she’s afraid I’ll break the kitchen.) So it’s a couple of hours out for the market. Then there’s the visits to the dentist, optometrist, urologist. the wife’s orthopedic surgeon (Joint replacements. All of them.), all of which take at least three hours each.

    And from time to time I have to stop in to see my buddy who still works in the salt mine to see how much worse it’s gotten and find out how many days he has left.

    And since all the family lives in town, time outs must be taken for 12 birthdays, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and miscellaneous other get-togethers. And at least four times a year we flee the homestead for the open road, said adventures lasting for anywhere from a weekend to a month or so.

    Then there are the delays to shop projects caused by trips to the hardware store (12 miles round-trip) or all the way to the other side of town to the metal yard (Forty miles; half-day minimum. Allowance also has to be made for a stop at Horrible Fright Tools, which is on the way, just to see if anything has changed since the last visit.), or worse, waiting for mail-ordered tools and parts to arrive.

    So if I get three or four five-hour days a week, I consider it a good week.

    How many hours a week do you really get to spend in your shop?