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  • Way OT Volkswagen TDI

    Well I'm looking for a VW 1.9 TDI engine some wear in the 97 to 00 year range. This is a diesel engine found in the Golf Pasate Bug and others. Would like to start looking in central Texas and towards Houston. I have crawled the web but looks like most auto salvage yards do not have web sights. I would be interested in the whole car or wreck if price is right. This will be going in the next project a Compact Diesel Puller. like this one Any help would help names or phone numbers. Thanks for the help!!

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    All of the wrecking yards I ever visited had a radio network to other subscribing yards. They will put out a request and anyone with the item will respond.

    It shouldn't be too difficult to find an engine if you ask to find one on the network.


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      Is this what you are looking for?

      or maybe this one: