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OT: Can someone please tell me what happened?

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  • OT: Can someone please tell me what happened?

    I've had my second thread locked. Most of you have never had a thread locked and I am starting to believe Bborr01 may be right when he calls me a trouble maker on any post he doesn't like.

    I've read much of the big thread on plugging the leak and don't see where even Mochinist or Bborr01's post were as harsh on my thread as most of the strained responses of the plug thread?

    You guys don't think I contribute anything positive to this board then just say so and I won't bother you any longer. I tried to have a little reasoning in my voice but evidently my conservative logic doesn't sit well with the other board members.

    edited to add: Call it sort of a vote of confidence in my presence here.
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    Don't go

    Don't take it to heart, some people just like to bitch, it's their nature, you just have to treat unwelcome remarks with the contempt they deserve. Peter
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      Your Old Dog,

      I'm probably the most liberal person on the forum and I do not consider you to be a troublemaker. I respect a conservative who can make a logical, principled argument (defined in the non-hostile manner) such as George Will. I can agree to disagree and be civil about it. As a former colleague said "one can disagree without being disagreeable".

      On the other hand I have nothing but contempt for the knee jerk reactionaries who pass themselves off as conservatives.

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        Yeah, don't take it personally Ray, I've always enjoyed your posts. You've got a good sense of humor and you've contributed an awful lot over the years, so don't let a couple of locked threads ruin your day.

        We both know that religious or political threads last about as long as a case of beer at policeman's picnic, and this one had all the ear-marks of heading south. Don't sweat it, opinions are like a$$holes...everybody has their own.

        Don't take this as a personal attack on your integrity, hell sometimes people don't even agree with me!
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          It wasn't anything you did,some people just can't behave in public.
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            That thread got political, contentious, and personal rather quickly. It took nearly 80 pages for the oil well thread to get there. It's probably time to bury that one, too. The BBS is, after all, a machinery centric site and while the occasional drift off into world events is unavoidable and probably adds to the overall interest, pure politics should remain off the site. It wouldn't take much to have this site reading like the PM Manufacturing in America/Europe forum. Outrageous behavior is the norm and raw anger is common. Very unpleasant.

            This site gets some long winded tit for tat exchanges among a core set of members (Including me). Sometimes you just have to walk away from the really silly ones. Maybe all of them though there is often some great science kicked around that keeps it interesting.


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              Controversial subject matter, like religion or politics or one that goes controversial is immediately well on it's way to getting locked.

              Some times George misses them

              I read most all your post, good stuff usually, hang in there.


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                Don't take it to heart, just be yourself and keep doing what you have been doing. I, for one, do like your posts (well most of them ) and I will keep reading them. I have found over the years that even when I disagree with someones statement it may still make me rethink my position and I may end up better off in the long run.

                Keep the faith and PLEASE stay with us...


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                  I have no problem with you. Look forward to your posts.
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                    Unfortunately the thread was destined to BE locked.... it was fairly political, and that is among the no-no's.

                    The other one is at least nominally technical, or was, the last time I bothered to look at it, so......

                    Keep eye on ball.
                    Hashim Khan


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                      waaah my threads get locked


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                        Originally posted by mochinist
                        waaah my threads get locked
                        Does 800x600 have any meaning to you?
                        or perhaps / by chance picture optimization


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                          i ,like many here, are members of other forums. a moderator is often better off locking a post before tempers,courtesy,and members are lost. i joined this forum to learn. if you can teach me to run a machine better, i dont care what powers your car,how much it smokes, or who you voted for.


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                            Don't go.

                            Even if I don't agree with you sometimes, I still like to read opposing opinions.

                            That is how we can develop informed opinions.

                            But you need to be able to take reading opposing opinions too.

                            Honestly, do you think Barack Obama deliberately stalled the cleanup in the gulf to promote green energy?

                            Or are you just looking for an argument?

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                              YOD, I like you, and most of your posts, but seriously -- Rush Limbaugh conspiracy theories don't belong here.

                              Dennis single-handedly derailed the Oil Spill thread with winger rhetoric.

                              If you want to sling contentious political mud, please do it on the PracticalMachinist sub-forum that was created for that purpose.
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