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    Good Morning
    I am in the market for a Mill and have been looking for a nice Bridgeport but have not had much luck. Most are in pretty poor shape. I spotted a 2003 Atlas Clausing 2VS08 in very good condition. But I can't find any people who have experance with these. It look's like a Model that MSC sell's under there Vectrax line. This mill is for sale with a 6" Kurt vise and a small amount of tooling. No Servo s on the x or y . $5,500.00 Any thought or info would be a big help. This is for my home hobby shop but I need a good tight machine. I did find a Tree but the price seems high at 3500 with aooling but no longer made.

    Thank You Chuck

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    To me the price seems high, but that also depends on your location. Some areas have plenty of used machines and others few, so the law of supply & demand kicks in.

    A few suggestions. 1) Try this search term in Google:


    Notice the two spaces after the first colon as they are important.

    2) Go to the Practical Machinist web site and find Craig Donges. He deals in used machinery and has a good reputation. I have dealt with him and consider him to be honest.

    3) While on the PM web site also look up J&L Scraping Service. I have not conducted any business with them, but have heard good reports of their skills and business practices.

    4) While on the PM site avoid Milacron like the plague.

    Hope this helps.



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      To follow up with Dr Stan, for a really neet search engine fro Craigslist try
      Make sure you uncheck the box to search ePay, set the miles you are willing to search. Once the search is complete if you find a listing you wish to look out ... I have found it best to open the link in a new window.


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        Thank You for the help. I dont know what I will do with all my free time after I find a mill,rather than sit in front of the computer. I just about have my phase converter installed so I hope I find a Bridgeport pretty soon.

        Thanks again


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          Another comment on search tempest, they also allow you to select cities individually, great for if you have a trip planned and want to see if there is anything you need/want along the way.

          It's the option I use because their distance is measured straight line, and since I have lake michigan to the east, a lot of the cities they list as 200 miles away are actually 400+ miles away.

          Last trip to virgina, I placed a few ads in cities along the way a week before I left. And loaded the truck before leaving. What was left (most from failed contacts) I listed when I got to my brothers, and loaded up on new goodies on the way home.