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    Good to see you back so soon and with so little difficulty, considering all the possibilities. Wishing you an easy and speedy recovery. Or should that be "Live long and prosper"?
    "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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      Originally posted by brockley1
      It's no good extolling the virtues of national health Evan, the folks south of the border have a closed mind where that is concerned.
      There are many of us in the USA who would love to have a national/provincial healthcare system.

      Evan, glad to see you up and about...

      - Bart
      Bart Smaalders


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        Congrats on the recovery Evan,

        Kidney stones are no fun. I have had your recent experience 4 times now. What you describe as procedure is pretty standard processes. My last surgery was as you describe with interviews and such. What with the concern for people dying from miscommunication the interview process and note taking is quite commonly done now.

        You'll be fine. Not a big deal. The stones that get removed are actually a better deal than the ones that are "almost" small enough to pass. When they aren't broken and removed you get to pass them...and they aren't round...smooth or comfortable to dispose of in the normal manner. The kind you pass are surely made of large shards of glass followed by several gallons of acid.

        The lab will surely test the remains of the stone to determine what it is made of. Your doctor should give you recommendations regarding changes in your diet to prevent the formation of another stone. There are a few different compositions of calcium that form stones. Some dietary alterations can prevent or at least slow your stone growth. Drinking extra water and relieving yourself frequently is a must. If you are on a well you might think about having your water tested for content. Drinking extra water that is full of calcium would be a bad thing. Steer clear of sports drinks that brag about supplements and electrolytes. Cranberry juice is well tolerated and is beneficial to flushing the kidneys. I drink it often and never sit with a full bladder. If I have the hint to go.....I damn well...go. Driving truck was the worst for me as I used to go for a LONG time without peeing. That is a bad practice for stone makers.

        I find it interesting how the American view on government run health care is so amusing to those that have it. Lets not take Evan's kidney issue into a political pissing match about government run health care. Brockley's comment is clearly a fishing trip for comment. There are obvious differences in opinion about health management....lets leave it alone. This just screams 14 page OT pissing match about politics, taxes and the merits of big brother handling your medical needs. Both countries have most excellent abilities in the medical field so it really isn't an issue of quality. It is an issue of how it is paid for. Money, taxes and value of services rendered are hot button issues. We Americans and our Canadian neighbors have many issues we don't agree on....we certainly won't solve them here in a machinist list.



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          Thanks for sharing this experience !

          I do appreciate your machining related posts here. I appreciate this post even more as it may be more relevant at some point in time.

          Glad things worked out so well for you !



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            Glad it all worked out for you Evan.

            I passed 12 kidney stones when I was in my twenties. The phrase of pissing barbed wire is very accurate.
            Location: The Black Forest in Germany

            How to become a millionaire: Start out with 10 million and take up machining as a hobby!


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              Nice to have you back and doing nothing as per doctors orders. Should give some of the rest of us a chance to catch up! I guess the cement block that I spotted behind your little stone was not much of a problem for you.

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              Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

              It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                Best Wishes for a speedy recovery
                and thanks for the very technical description.
                I would hesitate to describe the removal of my tailbone in such detail!


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                  Originally posted by Your Old Dog
                  Nice to have you back and doing nothing as per doctors orders. Should give some of the rest of us a chance to catch up! I guess the cement block that I spotted behind your little stone was not much of a problem for you.

         that is funny.....I wish I had such mastery of manipulating images as some of you do. I laughed out loud on that one. I guess having stones and experiencing the pain...makes that block even funnier.


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                    Glad you made it ok, take it easy.

                    I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure , but I'm not a complete idiot - some bits are still missing


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                      Get well real soon Evan,we need something to read on here.


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                        Good luck Evan..............


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                          I used to work with a guy that passed those things periodically. OUCH!

                          Evan, I hope to see you back soon, maybe not as full of p*ss and vinegar



                          Skipped to the end to post and then I learn you are back already. Glad it worked out favorably.
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                            congrats on making a quick job of it! ... always leaving no stone left unturned

                            grabs coat
                            Tom C
                            ... nice weather eh?


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                              I am glad things are working out so well...

                              I could not help but think how bad we are told national health care is for populations under it, like in Canada!

                              Amazes me that you were so lucky!

                              Just joking! I have some years under a national health care system too in the past...and don't really fear the issue should it come to the US.

                              Stay well and healthy!


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                                Glad to hear you are doing well. I am finally back on the forum after suffering through less than perfect Wifi at several stops along the way. After some messing around my Ipad is working on 3G in the US. What a pain to get activated as you have to have a US address and a matching card to activate. Thanks to a cousin I got around the games.