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OT: I may be offline for few days

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    Sorry Mac, the devil made me do it Peter
    The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


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      Glad to read it worked out well Evan, Hope you will soon be back making things


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        Maybe a lot of us, but not enough of us. There are 40 or so in the US Senat who do NOT want Nationalized Insurance. BILLIONS more to be bilked from us with the present system.

        Hey, what the hell, we only spend 1/6 of our GNP on medical care that is subpar, and the rest of the world is cheap. They only spend 1/12 or less of their GNP on medical care. Our care has to be TWICE as good as the rest of the World, since we pay twice as much.

        As to the BS that the SOCIALISTIC Health Care Systems in other countries, Evan posted first on 6/19, 3 days ago. NOW, he has been treated. That says those who tell you you will wait years for treatment is BS.

        BUT, it is good Rep BS. WAY too much money to be made with the status quo. Money made, lots more donations to the Reps, and to some of the recalcitrant Dems. Kind of depends on if they have investment funds in those sectors, as with the Judge who put the injunction on the Moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. A bit of HIS money is invested in drilling and cementing companies, Transocean and Halliburton, AND assorted funds with BONYMellon, and another one.