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OT: I may be offline for few days

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  • OT: I may be offline for few days

    I have a kidney that is failing due to a blockage of the ureter by a fairly large kidney stone. I just received a call late Friday from the doctor at the University Teaching Hospital in Prince George to be there for 8:30 this am for surgery. They will be removing the stone the "hard way" if you get my drift.

    I may be off line for a few days so don't think that I have given up on you guys.

    I had a CT scan very recently and I requested the disk of the images so I could apply some of my own imaging enhancement techniques. I am allergic to the contrast dye they use which is unfortunate because it provides much greater detail in the images. I used some of my own special methods to make up for that deficit and worked up a nice three dimensional image for the doctors. When I showed it to my doctor he was amazed since they do not normally provide anything like it to the family doctor. When I spoke to the surgeon he was also very interested and wants to see it so I am bringing a copy with me for him to use when he operates. It's a bit dicey because the stone is right up against the Vena Cava and close to the Aorta so lithotropsy can't be used.

    To see this properly you need some red/green or red/blue glasses with red on the left.

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    I see your problem - your wires and pipes are all fuzzed-up

    Good luck with your treatment Evan - hope you're not too 'sore' afterwards!
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      Now wait a gosh darn moment here Evan... with all your technical knowhow can't you build some sort of quantum-phase-shift kidney-stone translocation attachment for your lathe?!

      But seriously, get well. I enjoy your posts... you are one of the main reasons I come here.
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        I had a kidney stone removed a few years ago. They used an ultrasonic device to break the stone into more 'manageable' pieces.
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          The doctor will be shooting this one with a laser to break it up.
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            friggin ouch ! good luck, heal fast and get back to whatever you are doing this week !


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              Gotta leave in a couple of minutes. Later.
              Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                Best of luck.

                Very interesting picture.


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                  That's a pisser! Hope you you do great! If they don't answer the nurses call button start throwing things into the hall way. Feel better soon. Fred


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                    I hope it all goes well.
                    Get back on your feet soon!

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                      Get better, Evan.


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                        Best wishes on your treatment. I never had a stone like that but I know folks who have and they aren't fun.

                        In fact, not making a comparison here to the genus caninus, but we just spent a bundle on having a whole bunch of bladder stones removed from our Jack Russel terrier. She's only 5 years old and in otherwise perfect condtion. The vet put her on a special diet and she's doing fine a year later.

                        Hang in there!


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                          Best of luck to you and I hope you are on the mend in short order.

                          - BDC


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                            Speedy recovery Ev, It seems the older we get the more "barnacles" we accumulate...


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                              Good luck Evan, I think it's pretty routine stuff these days but that don't mean it won't be uncomfortable for a bit.

                              My boss had passed one and he was a pretty hurting buck-a-roo till he healed up. When he came back to work I found the corner of a building brick in the parking lot about the size of a golf ball. I took it up to the mens room and wet it, wrapped it in some wet paper towels and took it over to his desk and opened the paper towels with hunched over and pained look and asked if I could have a couple extra minutes for lunch as I had just past this! He opened his desk drawer and said "here, put it in here with the rest of them"!

                              I think we should start a new thread on whether or not Evans stone is conservative or liberal and how to stop the leak ?
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