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  • OT:Weird computer problem

    I don't sleep through the early AM hours sometimes and get up and use the computer to look at this site or others.Several weeks ago I noted the computer would barely move on trying to get to websites(worse than dialup ever was).I attributed it to maintenance the first time but after several nights I realized I had a problem with the DSL line.The problem corrects itself around 5:45 AM as if by magic and starts in the early AM hours.After being on a help line several time after long waits etc they sent out a tech who has no idea except to replace some things like the modem etc.(He recommended leaving the modem on all the time which I am reluctant to do because I am concerned about unauthorized access or am I paranoid about this?)This morning it seemed Ok but still wonder what weekdays will bring since I can't help but feel some of the bandwith is being hijacked during the night or is this possible?The provider says they do not reduce bandwith during the night.Thanks in advance for any opinions.

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    Perhaps your antivirus is updating, or your system is doing a scheduled back up or something.


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      My computer also runs slow when the security is checking for new downloads, and when its doing its weekly scan of the files. Once in a while I go into "cache" and delete the unused internet files. Sometimes the file gets too large and slows down the puter. Jan


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        Why leave it turned on, no logical reason for doing so, youll not even keep the same IP address by doing so.
        I always turn mine off when finished as do all the mobile laptops as most people cannot aford to leave a mobile one connected.
        Besides if you leave them on then they make targets for the hackers to look at, turn it off!
        Anyway where in the world are you located!

        I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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          I leave the modem ( DSL ) on but turn my computer off every time
          I'm finished. I thnk that saves the time it takes for the modem to
          re-establish whatever it has to do with QWest but the computer is
          not invadable. :-)


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            By far, in my opinion, the biggest security threat to your computer is you. I have lost count of the number of computers that I have had to remove viruses and malware from because the end user willingly installed a program they saw on the internet and didn't bother to find out if it was legit or not. This opens the door for the for the bad guys to get into your computer and use it for their purposes. Bottom line: Don't install anything you are not certain of especially if they make it appear that it is urgent that you install it now. CNET's is a great resource for freeware and shareware programs that come from honest sources. If it is not available on, you might want to avoid it until you learn more about the program.

            Provided you have the latest security updates for your operating system as well as current updates for your anti-virus software, you are equally vulnerable whether you are sitting there or not. Turning your computer off is sufficient unless you are trying to save a few more cents on your electric bill. (my PC runs 24/7 and is connected to the internet even when I am not using it.)

            If you want some extra protection: Even the cheapest broadband routers, when installed between your DSL modem and your computer, will block the majority of outside intruders. Software firewalls like ZoneAlarm will do so as well. Even the built in firewall, assuming you are running Windows XP or newer, is adequate protection from most intrusions.

            On occasion even I get fooled and have to remove a dishonest program from my computer. When this happens I turn to these programs:

            CCleaner - This program is very useful for removing unused system files and leftovers from previously uninstalled programs as well as cleaning up your internet history and windows registry. (note: be aware that installing this program will also install the Yahoo toolbar unless you un-check the box at the beginning of the setup)

            Malwarebytes - This will scan and remove the vast majority of things your anti-virus scanner might miss.

            McAfee Stinger - This stand-alone anti-virus scanner will work even when your installed anti-virus scanner will not. This can even be run from a flash drive.

            TrendMicro's Hijackthis - This tool will scan your system and give you a report of your current system settings. You can then take that list and compare it to an online database to inform you of settings that have been changed without your knowledge. (more suited to advanced users but can be very useful even for beginners)

            Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft's free anti-virus software. It works well and uses very few resources. They should have offered this fifteen years ago but better late than never. It's one of the few products from Microsoft that I recommend.

            Best of all, none of the above programs will cost you a dime. (yes Malwarebytes has a premium version that does cost money but the free version works great. The premium version is optional.)

            On your early morning slowdown issue: My best guess, based on what you have described here, is that your computer is a little old and slow to begin with and your anti-virus scanner is set to run daily around midnight and it finishes right around 5:45AM.
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              It seems there are different opinions about leaving modem on all the time as well as on leaving computer on continuously..I am sure the slow DSL is not related to my computer since the frau's Mac behaves the same way when the problem of extremely slow DSL occurs and she has no special antivirus etc.