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  • Ebay's "Buy It Never"

    Ever notice that Ebay "auctions" that use the Buy It Now ((LOL) option go on forever as "Buy It Never"s?

    I used to spend thousands monthly on I don't spend a nickel there.

    Anyone else?


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    TMT,What is so bad about E-bay?? I personally only buy and have gotten some good deals with no problems. If someone wants to sell at "Buy it now" so be it. Some stay listed forever because of sky high pricing.
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      Actually, about the only thing I buy in eBay these days is "buy it now".

      And if the price is too high, or I don't like the shipping, I don't buy it. Period, end of conversation.

      Yeah, there's a lot of stuff listed on eBay, at such absurd prices one can only assume the seller is waiting for that panicked shop foreman with a machine down, that needs it fixed yesterday before lunchtime.

      For example, I've been keeping my eye open for a vertical head for my Nichols horizontal. I don't really "need" it- I have two other vertical mills- but I'd like to have one just the same.

      There's been three listed on eBay for over a year now, at a fully absurd $950 each. Bare, with no drive adapter. I paid $500 for the complete mill, delivered.

      The last one I saw that actually sold, which I probably should have bid on, was a near-new head, with the rare drive adapter (which I once saw sell all by itself for $300) and the collet adapter and the drawbar and a full set of hard-to-find 4NS collets to fit it. The final bid price was, as I recall, a little over $600, and probably worth every penny.

      A head with no drive adapter is completely useless, so those three bare heads are going to sit 'til the sun cools.

      Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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        TMT, I used to do quite a bit of buying on ebay as well. Not so much anymore; everybody expects to get "top dollar", so the deals just aren't as good. Yes, many BIN items are priced at multiple times what they are worth. In Hardinge items, look at seller "Mikekandu" or others similar to him. It's not just with machinery either. When I needed a manual for my used Honda Reflex scooter, I saw one on ebay with a BIN of something like $79! I emailed the seller and asked if that was a typo, and was the correct price $7.90? No response from the seller, I think he has lowered his price to around $45; the kicker is that the original factory manual is available brand new from Helm for $16! Guess where I bought mine? Here's a link:

        Here's the idiot seller on ebay, a year after I first saw it listed:

        Same stuff goes on all the time with Hardinge taper attachments (I bought one, like new, for around $500), Speed lathes (HSL) and other items. The fact that these items remain listed for literally years, says that people are not as dumb as these sellers think they are.
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          I love EBAY. I probably have close to 10,000 lbs. of stuff in my garage that came from there, most of which is two shapers. My latest purchase is 10 new Starrett power hacksaw blades, about 23" long for $51 delivered. New blades for $5 apiece, have you priced new ones? I also love the old books, manuels, catalogs and brochures. I just got a neat brochure on a Kearney & Trecker Tri-D Milling Head, never heard of one before, nice piece of work. I like BIN and I have had good luck with the make offer. YMMV, but I will remain an Ebay-hoe.



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            Originally posted by KINGWELD
            TMT,What is so bad about E-bay?? I personally only buy and have gotten some good deals with no problems. If someone wants to sell at "Buy it now" so be it. Some stay listed forever because of sky high pricing.
            Like I said...I used to spend thousands a month for years on nothing.

            That money is being spent real auctions.

            I suspect that I am not alone.



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              I have made over 500 purchases myself (with 451 feedbacks), but my rate has slowed considerably. There are days when I don't even look at ebay, whereas I used to check my "searches" several times a day. I have made some pretty pricey purchases (including 4 Hardinge lathes and an F-350 dually pickup), so I consider myself fairly experienced and savvy at ebay.
              JHC Dayton, OH


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                I don't know why eBay is sneered at. I've made 450 buys over the years and never had a bit of trouble.

                There's probably one big rule which is never impulse buy. Otherwie determine your needs, conduct an orderly search, bid only what you can afford, ALWAYS bid at the last minute, and don't be afraid of letting something go if the bid price exceeds your resources. Auction items are like busses. If you don't catch one you want there will be another along later.

                I use eBay primarily for consumables, carbide inserts, files, etc but occasionally for major tooling items like a Federal electronic differental level and several Starrett 199's when the price was unbelevably cheap, Mac computer stuff, VFD's, blacksmith tongs, electronic components, gadgets for Christmas presents. I found a 15" copper skillet that only needed clean-up and tinning. My neighbor saw it when I was done with it, had to have it, quadrupled my investment and started a collection based on it.

                My sister used to costume for theater productions. She found all sorts of wierd materials, sewing fitments, costume jewelry, and other loot on eBay all for nickels on the dollar.

                The key seems to be: shop wisely.

                OTH my cop friends tell me most police departments keep a watch on on-line auctions. They are a great place to fence stolen goods.
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                  some of us have to use e-bay simply for the convenience. i currently work 55+ hrs a week and dont have time to drive to a real auction that may or may not have what im looking for. live auctions,and e-bay, are often listed incorrectly,but with e-bay i havent wasted gas and time. BINs are good if the seller has no idea what he has,has priced it low,ands needs a quick buck. those BINs that have been there forever are just to suck in the noobies.


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                    E-bay is a GREAT place for people with the knowledge to pick the wheat from the chaff.

                    I buy something at least one a week, simply because there is no other place to readily purchase vintage auto parts. Sure, your local speed shop may have what you want.. at vintage speed shop prices. And going to auctions of yard sales is 99% miss with the 1% hit. Many consumer items I can find cheaper off e-bay, but places like Shars has insane shipping. $5 endmill, $15 shipping. Why not bid on that $7 end mill, pay $3 shipping and be done with it? The *overall* cost is less. And no, I don't need 4-5 end mills.. mine last quite a long time.

                    "OTH my cop friends tell me most police departments keep a watch on on-line auctions. They are a great place to fence stolen goods."

                    I think they just want to look at e-bay on duty. How can they tell a stolen t.v from any other used t.v? Pawn shops are great places to fence stolen goods... Craigslist is a great place to fence stolen goods... e-bay? OK, there are some dumb criminals.. I'll grant you that. But what criminal caper has ended with 'then I found the stolen X on e-bay'?
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                      Apparently TMT feels the need to post an anti eBay post every so often to justify his existance.

                      Many of the listings on eBay are no longer auction items, but are eBay stores. They are Buy It Now, but do not expire in 7 days.

                      If you don't like eBay or chocolate ice cream, nobody is forcing you to use it or buy it.
                      Jim H.


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                        In years past I got some great deals on ebay but after I got burned by ebay and paypal for not reimbursing me on a not inexpensive purchase I was done with them. When you follow their rules, keep papertrails, do everything by the book and still get screwed, well they won't be getting any more of my money. I tell everyone I can about ebays crappy customer service.
                        We need to support small businesses not massive corporations with more money and clout than some countries.
                        Avoid ebay, look to antique stores or flea markets for items you want, besides the exercise will do you some good



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                          Originally posted by Too_Many_Tools
                          I used to spend thousands monthly on I don't spend a nickel there.

                          Anyone else?

                          Pretty much the same here - Haven't watched an auction there for more then 1 year ever since they brought in all the new rules that tuned it into the mess it is now

                          The whole thing has turned into an Eboner sanctioned scam. There are no rules other then Eboner gets paid.

                          A couple years ago I won a CNC milling machine in auction. IMMEDIATELY upon completion of the auction I send a message to the seller I would be over after work to bring him a check and see the machine. The "Cork Soaker" had the machine relisted for auction by 12: noon. When I notified Eboner the guy was attempting to sell the machine twice, and demanded they take down the listing or at least ask him WTF he was doing, Eboner refused to do any thing about it. Told me I should complete the transaction.

                          Guy was a Machinist turned drug addict out there ripping people off. I know - I went to his shop and met him and saw the machine. But when He refused to give me a receipt for the machine I refused to give him the cash

                          BTW: don't be surprised when the Eboner sellers who frequent this forum begin to chastise you for not "Singing the Praises" of "What a Great Deal Eboner is".
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                            Like Crag's List and, before that, the newspaper want ads, Ebay is a gateway to the general public and businesses of all kinds. I think that if you go into it with the expectation that there is no control over whom you'll meet, you have a chance of coming out intact.

                            I'm not a seller yet - so far, I've only bought stuff, mostly tools. And, overwhelmingly I've had good experiences with the sellers. Now, sometimes I bought unwisely, but that's my fault. I don't mind paying full price for full value as I perceive it, but it's fun to get a good deal.

                            As with lending money to friends, I have a simple rule - if I can't afford to lose it altogether, then I don't bid.

                            Think I got a good deal yesterday - a Starrett 221 mic for $56.95 including shipping. I'll await my prize to evaluate it, but I think it went for less because the seller gave no description and used a super grainy online catalog photo that makes the think look like it's pitted with rust. We'll see. . .
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                              Originally posted by Farbmeister
                              E-bay is a GREAT place for people with the knowledge to pick the wheat from the chaff.
                              Ditto. I found those Haff & Schneider 3D Tasters that MickeyD and I bought for $120 Buy It Now
                              But I agree with the observation that auctions are way down, and there are many more Buy It Now auctions.

                              Best Offers are often a great opportunity. It's an indication that the seller didn't park the item, hoping for a whale (like MikeKandu does).
                              I have the spammers like MikeKandu, OzarkWoodworker, VXB Bearing et al filtered out of my Ebay searches -- that reduces the search time a lot.

                              I just bought a pristine Westhoff Sensitive drill press for $380 -- the seller had it listed for $500 Buy It Now/Best Offer:

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