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    Originally posted by motorcyclemac
    Mill a flat on it and put it in a 3/4 inch R8 tool holder. .

    yes. In the OP case, he's already a 0.748 so the mill will now have 2 thou of runout. Of course, for a face mill, this may not matter though.. and if it did, a 1 thou shim on the far side from the screw might get it back.


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      Originally posted by Tony Pratt
      Sorry, I wouldn't insult peoples intellegience by stating the obvious but of course you shouldn't hold sharp cutters in your bare hands. I told this to my 18yr old son and he got quite irate as he said "he wasn't stupid!"

      Funny thing is, I never use anything, but my bare hands. Mine are pretty tough from years of outside work, but the problem isn't the edges; it's tiny adhered (magnetic) needles from side milling!


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        Drill Shank

        Drill through facemill shank with a small drill (smaller than the ball bearing youre gonna stick in with a slightly larger hole for the bic pen spring followed by a drilled tapped hole for a set screw (use two of them in series to lock them) Now the small amount of the ballbearing will portrude through the shank holding it in youre mill without dropping and bustin your inserts can change the tension on the ball spring arrangement by turning in the set screw more and or using a stiffer spring. Good Luck Mike


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          RE: Drawbars and tool removal

          As Tony said, a hand under the tool is the way to go. I loosen the draw bar but do not totally unscrew it, tap it with my rawhide mallet to let the tool release the taper, and then unscrew it the rest of the way with my hand underneath the tool. That way there is no additional force propelling the tool out of the spindle. I still have a hand under end mills and fly cutters with straight shanks when I hit the drawbar as some of the shanks are slightly undersized. Nothing worse than having a ding in the table due to a sharp tool dropping onto it or having to chase that end mill across the shop in front of the boss.
          Jim (KB4IVH)

          Only fools abuse their tools.