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3-D Scanner & Replicator!

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  • 3-D Scanner & Replicator!

    Thought some here would find this interesting.
    A segment of Jay Leno's Garage showing some of the virtues and capabilities of what's new, (well to me anyway) in the way components can not only be accurately scanned, but copied into a working model in plastic.
    I need one!
    Now I just need to replicate Jay's shop here at home.

    Jay's new toy.

    Nice to see at least one big name entertainer with both feet on the ground. I just have to convince him that I'm still available for adoption, if he wants an older son.
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    Thats old. And been posted at least a couple times before.


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      In popular science they did a review of a DIY 3d printer kiT for $950 this month.


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        We just purchased a 3D printer for our lab at the University like the one Jays got. The box came today now I just have to get it setup. Should be fun to play with, I'd really like to get the 3D scanner he has as well.