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HELP comprehending reversible motor wireing

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  • HELP comprehending reversible motor wireing

    HELP comprehending reversible motor wiring. I have always been happy with the mill but tonight I decided I needed to be able to bore out something when I realized I needed the opposite rotation of the boring head

    ok I have wired stuff before even though this set of question make me sound incompetent

    my old kempsmith mill was converted form horizontal to a vertical (probably before I was born) it has a reversible switch but only works one direction the motor I assume is one direction I have another 1.5hp motor I got form a friend that is on my air compressor ........I think it is a reversible (two way) motor but not sure how to tell

    also is the wiring done normal to the motor and switched at switch or vs versa ?

    hopefully one of ya'll can educate me so I can get this fixed tomorrow

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    Is your power single phase or three phase? If single phase, is your motor a capacitor start motor or something else?
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      oppsss sorry I have single phase using 110v and yes there capacitors


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        I can't help a lot but it makes a lot of difference whether your motor is single or three phase. If three phase you can just temporarily interchnge any two of the three power leads to reverse the motor. A three phase reversing switch does the same thing and there should be a diagram with the switch showing the connections.

        If your motor is single phase and is reversible, there is usually a diagram inside the motor connection box showing how to do it. For temporary use, it would be easier to just change the wiring at the motor to reverse it. To connect up a reversing switch is a lot more involved for a single phase motor but there are a lot of diagrams on the web showing how to do it.

        For specific instructions you will probably need to furnish a diagram showing your existing switch and motor connections. All three phase motors are reversible. If a single phase motor is reversible, it should say so on the data plate or the internal connection diagram.

        Hope this helps.

        Edit: I see you have a single phase motor.
        Don Young


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          I can't help on the motor issue, but was wondering what model kempsmith You have.
          I have a kemp universal horiz.mill and a vertical head with it, I have never used the vertical head because I have a BP. and the vertical head attachment is to heavy to install with out a lifting device of some kind.



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            Switch 5 & 8 on the start winding


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              doctor demo
              not sure what the model number is the only number I see is "no.4" on the door the name is on the top of the mill but no numbers up there . looking at mine it is either going to be used as vertical or horizontal I would not want to try moving that mill head if I absolutely didn't have to


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                To produce actual starting torque, a motor must have more than one phase.

                A single phase motor starts by creating a 'synthesized" second phase in a separate "start winding"so that the motor will produce starting torque.

                A multi-phase motor is reversed by reversing one of the phases.

                In the case of the "synthesized" phase, the "start winding" is swapped end-for-end by reversing the wire connections to reverse the motor. The motor won't reverse unless it comes to a stop, or nearly so, since the start winding is disconnected by a speed switch.

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