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Compound angles

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    Compound Angle

    You can leave the base of the vise flat on the mill table. Turn the vise to the first angle and clamp to the table. Put an angle block of the correct angle under the part to tilt it sideways in the vise jaws and then tilt the vise for the final angle.
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      Originally posted by winchman
      "...but I bet the first few I made would come out wrong"

      How would you know they're wrong?
      Darn... now I have to clean coffee off of my key board........ I have done that before... and had inspection make the same mistake... only on assembly did they find out it was wrong....

      There are only two angle to figure... Tilt and rotate. Use a common leg, the angle you are cutting as the lenght of 1 and work from that. It really is simple.