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Suggestion for HSM magazine website

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  • Suggestion for HSM magazine website

    Two suggestions actually.

    Have an easy link in the FORUM to get back to the MAGAZINE home page.

    Sorta like our advertiser banner, but one for HSM.

    For the magazine, have a "currently on your newstand" section so we can see what projects are current, coming up, etc. Just a teaser.

    I don't subscribe to the magazine because I can't afford to buy all three, and it seems each month I only want one of the three magazines I buy it at the newstand. I'd like to know what the projects are before i get there though.

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    Probably a good idea as I never go to the actual magazine page. Was a subscriber, from close to day one, and when the usual went into round two (or three) I dropped both HSM and the workshop version, about ten years back. Only when somebody makes a point on an issue, here, do I bother to go and find it. Which, BTW is a real PITA to find any of those around here, my only source is Chapters which is really hit and miss........ mostly miss. Busy Bee sometimes carries a few old issues. So much for any advantage to living in the "Big City"

    *****Another suggestion...........we need pictured posting capability here, like all the other forums out there. It would add a huge amount of value (and interest) to the posts. May have that, with my internet service but never did figure that one out.