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ACRA CNC Mill -- Help w/ Price

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  • ACRA CNC Mill -- Help w/ Price

    Greets all.
    Long time no chat. Am transitioning into a new job sort of and haven't
    had much computer time.. but when I saw this thing.. you were the first
    bunch of guys that came to mine.

    New company got an older ACRA cnc mill from sister company.
    New company doesn't want it and doesn't want to store it.

    The mill itself is huge & in perfect condition. Box ways and ball screws
    are pristine. I'd be surprised if this thing
    had 20hrs worth of work on it. Looks like they bought it and put it away.
    Controller is old of course, but fully functional.

    I'm attaching some pictures.

    Could anyone venture a guess as to what this might be worth?
    And I know this isn't a selling space -- and I dont even know if the
    shop would sell to a private individual (?) -- but seems like a good deal
    could be had here. I'd take it myself if I had space for it!

    Its in the Philadelphia area, by the way.