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Tool Gloat - from The CNC Workshop

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  • Tool Gloat - from The CNC Workshop

    Attended the Digital Machinist CNC Workshop this past week. Good time, lots of info and friendly discussions with other attendees.

    They had a drawing for door prizes at the end - items contributed by the vendors, present and not present but supportive of the effort.

    I was fortunate, astonished and gratified to have my name drawn for a seat of Vectric Photo V Carve.

    My thanks to George, Gretchen, the vendors, exhibitors, speakers and other attendees for making the CNC Workshop a success.

    I have been accumulating the components to make a CNC mill, now I'll have to get hot on getting it running.
    Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
    ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~

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    Nice, Be sure to engrave them a thank you card.
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      That my have been my doing.

      I emailed Tony and told him to look out for some sad old git at the show and give him a freebie to cheer him up.

      Didn't know he'd found you

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        Couldn't have gone to a more deserving recipient, watch out for the "Deere" guy looking over your shoulder.

        Regards Ian.
        You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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          Have you gotten comfortable with the seat yet? Surely you have installed it by now and played with its interface in between your posts here.
          John M...your (un)usual basement dweller


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            No, not yet. Self control. It's easy enough to peek in here periodically between jobs, but I need an uninterrupted block of time to adequately understand the software. I'm getting the next article for DM, other projects, and chores out of the way. I spent most of a week on vacation at the Workshop. I need to do some catching up. Besides, jumping into the software now, before I have a CNC to run the g-code on is like getting all dressed up and having nowhere to go - an excersize in frustration.
            Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
            ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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              John, you try to get the credit for everything. I figured after chatting Tony up and telling him a bunch of lies about you I figured he figured us folks were all gits and took pity on us. I do think that Weston is a very derserving winner. Tony really impressed me with his enthusiasm and effort he put into the event. I imagine that hisvefforts will be rewarded.


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                Congratulations Weston, I'll bet you will soon have some fun with that. Keep us rookies posted on the progress of the conversion to cnc.
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