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  • USB microscope

    I keep thinking that I need a microscope in the shop for looking at various gunsmithing jobs. I like the pictures that I see folks post of greatly magnified parts.

    I found this:

    What is the general impression of such an item? I have no experience in eletronic widgets. Would this be worth buying? Comments? Evan...?


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    We have what appears to be the same camera at work. In fact I think we have a couple with that optional articulating stand. We use them to take close up picturs of solder joints, and other potential workmanship issues when the need arises.

    If it is in fact the same camera they are very useful and work very well, assuming you have a need.



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      check the most recent blog post here
      there is a post about it over on pm in the cnc section too with better pictures, the results look really good and its a similar usb scope


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        That seem like low res... 640x480 - basically NTSC/VGA.

        What about this: 1280x1024


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          Check Deal Extreme: they are somewhat cheaper. Do a forum search on USB microscope. There have been several recent threads.
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            Pstt, Beware of deal extreme microscopes. They are not allways as advertised..
            Mine says it has 10mm~inf focus range.. in reality its about 10mm~25mm focus range. Very limiting for trying to view slightly larger objects, Can only get about 1 square cm into frame..

            Also the driver CD came with a dll that got installed into my system (And ran every boot, reguardless if the camera was pluged in or used) that verious online sites reported as a trojan, And apon removing it did'nt change the behavor of the camera at all.

            That said, theres other software that can run the camera without using the driver CD at all.
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              So are there quality cameras from reputable sources? I wouldn't be above spending several hundered dollars for a quality unit. Anyone have something with a rack and pinion for height adjustment? All I find on ebay is the cheapie versions or lab microscopes that are used for biology. Some of those have a digital camera in them...but in the end I guess I want to buy what Evan uses...but I think he built his.

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                You can get a scope camera that replaces a standard eyepiece and bung it in an inspection microscope like this

                Mine's only 1024 x 768 resolution but as you can see that's plenty for quite fine inspection work;
                The scope strips down so you can take the base off & mount the column on a mag base, you can see it better here;
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                  They are nice, and have various lense options. The must be good the TV series CSI uses them. They always have amazing results. ;-)
                  They are not cheap when I bought mine but they are nice.


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                    Tormach sells a scope for machine work:


                    They use a Dino-lite USB microscope, which you can find on Amazon. Their software has some pretty cool features.

                    I'm getting ready to use it to dimension out a Colt 1911, just for see what it's capable of.



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