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Advise sought for compressor conversion

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  • Advise sought for compressor conversion

    Hi Guys,

    A couple of years ago I bought a Rol-Air 11GR30HK30 “tire buster” air compressor for use in my work in installing lighting systems for stadiums. A tire buster is a 2 stage compressor on a horizontal 30 gal tank driven by a 8-15 hp gas engine delivering about 15-20 cfm at 90 psi. You will see them permanently mounted on service trucks here in the US. Anyway, I soon figured out that it was way too big and top heavy to be handy on the jobsite and so bought a wheelbarrow type compressor to replace it. The tire buster got retired to the back 40.

    Now I find that I need a larger compressor for the shop. My thought is to remove the 11 HP Honda engine and replace it with an electric motor. Has anyone made this conversion? What are the pitfalls I will be facing (besides what to do with a perfectly good GX340 Honda engine with less than 50 hours on it).

    Any ideas are welcome.


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    I think you'll find that a 16cfm at 90psi compressor only needs a 5HP electric engine or so to run it.

    As for pitfalls, you'll have to replumb it a little, remove the idler valve/vent/whatever and just add a pressure switch.

    Also, you may need a bleeder beween the tank one way valve and the cylinder.. But usally that can be provided by just making the connection a little leaky
    (If theres pressure there when the electric motor kicks in, it can stall out the motor)
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      Pressure switch,mag starter,1800 rpm,220vac 184t frame motor,new pulley and probably a new check valve with an unloader port.

      Have you thought about advertising on CL for somebody wanting to swap?Yours is worth more than a 5hp electric Champion or IR and about equal with a Quincy.
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        Hey Guys,

        Black Moons, the leaky fitting thing is an interesting fix for the un-loader problem. From what I have been reading, I too think a (true) 5 hp motor would do the job.

        WS, I tried the CL thing once and was very unhappy with the result. Got all sorts of weird calls. Besides, I want to keep the compressor and convert it in such a manner that I can convert it back to gas later if needed.



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          Yea. I discovered this fix when I upgraded the (failing) check valve for my compressor. (Best upgrade ever! droped the noise it made in half) It doesnt have plumbing in the pressure valve for a unloader, So I just put a 1/8" plug into the unloader port, but did'nt use any tape, So it leaks out the pressure in a few seconds, Faster then the compressor can be drained down and restarted anyway. Probley steals a few tenths of a CFM but oh well.
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