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Weiler lathe information inquiry.

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  • Weiler lathe information inquiry.

    Have had this lathe for some time and never did anything with it since the only thing on it was a collet changer and what appears to be only part of some sort slide on top.

    It appears to be a second op lathe, much the same size and style as the Hardinge DV-59.

    Trying to find out the model and what chuck threads it has.
    Also has a switch movable L and R and 1 and 2 positions as well as one other marked with A and D position.

    May be a two speed motor as I see no method of changing gears out side of the step pulley arrangement.

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    Found the charger for the camera battery so here are a couple pics, which might help.

    And the slide.
    The shaft with the small black ball just screws into the slide body and also turns with 1 or two idents.


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      Ken, I have the same machine gathering dust in my garage. I've got the complete cross slide assembly and a three jaw chuck which appears to be purpose made for the machine. I bought a tail stock from a Hardinge DV with intentions of adapting it to my machine, just haven't had time to fool with it. It appears to be a well made machine, and the compound has a pretty long travel for the size of the machine. PM me if you would need pictures of anything.