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  • To make ° symbol--

    I just learned something great on another forum. When typing on a conventional keyboard, hold down the "alt " key and type 248 and it will type the degree sign, as in °---Brian
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    It didn't work on my keyboard but then my keyboard is maybe 20 years old.
    It's only ink and paper


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      You need to use the numeric keypad with Num Lock on when doing this, rather than the 1 through 0 keys across the top of the QWERTY.

      Other codes give other characters. Do some experiments.
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        some more


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          works in notepad..but not here

          unless i copy from notepad ., so ° ° °

          HERE..what happens is
          i press alt ..I press 2 ...i press 4 ...then the reply box disappears

          could do with an extension to the smileys here with different symbols

          like ّ diameter ... WHICH IS alt plus 0248
          upper ط is alt plus 0216

          all the best.markj
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            Try Alt 0176 72°



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              You can also use Character Map, it is a program included with Windows.

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                Go to Programs then accessories then system tools then look for character map. Click on that it will give a graphic layout of all the characters available with each font that you have on your computer. With windows you can point and click, or type in the numbers.
                alt+0169 ©
                alt+0188 ¼
                alt+0189 ½
                alt+0190 ¾
                alt+0153 ™
                alt+0174 ®
                alt+0178 ²
                alt+0179 ³

                They will change their look and what comes up with each font. There is a full range of arrow heads, clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts. printing notations, and scientific notations along with a selection of ding bats.
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                  ° is on my keyboard in the upper left corner, same key as ^ but with shift.
                  The ّ is alt-gr + O(h).
                  The µ is alt-gr + m
                  The ² is alt-gr 2
                  ³ is alt-gr 3

                  But then, I have a teutonic keyyboarrrd, Jawohl!



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                    30° ok, the num lock and 0176 worked. 1.000ّ and that worked too.

                    ° and the character map worked too. Well, something new everyday, now if I can just remember it. A little posty may help until it is permanently etched into my mind.

                    Thanks, I have been wanting this for years.
                    It's only ink and paper


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                      Originally posted by mochinist
                      some more
                      Some symbols in that gif are not showing as they would on my machine. That looks like ascii codes for quick basic or some other programming language.

                      Also I was always instructed to add the leading zero. Some machines didnt need it and ignored it and some machines did need it.

                      ALT 0181 = µ
                      ALT 0177 = ±
                      ALT 0153 = ™
                      ALT 0169 = ©

                      I have a listing around here somewhere for almost all of the standard windows ascii characters.
                      edit - here it is - Click for larger photo.

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                        On my Mac laptop I press option zero (؛).


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                          Doesn't work in linux. I think linux may have its own set of keystroke codes ?


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                            A German keyboard has the ° sign on the top left key right beside the number 1 key.
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                              Alt + 167 = ؛ (degree)
                              Alt + 246= ÷ (divided by)
                              Alt+ 1 = ☺ (that is supposed to be a small smiley face)
                              Alt + 227 = π (pi)

                              That was all I knew until today.