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OT: (electrical question but related to a machine)

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  • The Artful Bodger
    Does your signal have enough current capacity to handle the coil relay? If so, connect one end of the coil to the signal line and the other to 24+.

    You should probably put a diode across the coil to prevent inductive spikes damaging the signal source.

    If you signal line does not have the current capacity you could use a simple tranistor configuration to control the relay.

    Be aware though that in matters such as this it is a good idea to have someone who knows what they are doing involved in the modification, unless you want to put the electronics card at risk.

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  • sconisbee
    started a topic OT: (electrical question but related to a machine)

    OT: (electrical question but related to a machine)

    So I have a need to momentarily activate a relay when a signal wire goes from +24v to 0v. And i have no idea how to wire a standard relay to do that.

    Basically I'm wiring in spindle control to my cnc lathe that currently has manual spindle control but the control is capable of spindle control its just not wired in.

    The control outputs are all 24v and always high in a resting state and go low when a command is triggered.

    For example when the control reads a M03 command it pulls output card pin 9 low. When this happens I need a relay to close to trigger the spindle contractor but i cant figure out how to wire a relay this way.

    Any Ideas? if any of this makes sense?

    I dont have a wiring diagram for the control as of yet, but in theory I could examine the wiring for the M00 relay and the Coolant Relay but they are both quite buried in the cabinet.
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