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  • CC tool and cutter grinder

    Has anyone heard of a tool & cutter grinder, branded CC (enclosed in a diamond shape)? I have a lead on one and am trying to work whether to make an offer. If anyone knows anything about country of origin, history, machine quality I'd be interested to know.
    I'm wondering whether 'CC' stands for 'Clarkson Copy', although it is probably too old for China (possibly Taiwanese). It's hard to tell - here in Australia unwanted machines are often stored outside, relying on the thick coating of oil, grease and dust that has developed from not cleaning them properly to protect them from the elements (and we all know that's going to work, right?).


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    Bit late I know but I am sure the CC ones were made by Cash Engineering (Sydney or Melbourne) around WW2... They also made milling machines...
    Precision takes time.


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      And a bit later still..

      The logo CC, enclosed in a diamond, is CC Engineering Industries of Glebe, Sydney, NSW. There is a fair bit of info about the company if you google the name, it must have been a significant manufacturing outfit in its heyday.

      I've just unloaded one of their Type D tool and cutter grinders, I'll post photos in a day or 2. I've no idea as to age, it may well go back to WWII as has been suggested, the people I got it from tell me they bought it second hand in 1961.


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        Hi Bob,
        I've just joined the Forum and this is my first post. I see your post here is 2011 and I wonder if you posted the pics?
        I just bought a type D T&C grinder in fair condition with some of the nuts and bolts missing and no motor, (and no stand since it was too heavy for me to take).
        I will appreciate any pics you have especially on the grinding head and belt configuration.
        Mine has a flat belt drive and beside the flat pulley is a friction washer and then it looks as if a grinding wheel can be fitted beside it, however whatever holds the wheel on the shaft is missing. Any ideas please?


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          Any help here?

          Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


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            Thanks oldtiffie,
            I also have been searching the internet for info, but I'm looking for something specific with my enquiry.
            It looks as if there is a thick 'arbor washer' missing that holds the grinding wheel on, and I'm hoping to contact someone who could send me a pic of it.
            Thanks for your help
            regards Brian