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      ... telescope dovetail plate ...


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        ... the layout ...


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          ... more simple stuff ...


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            Evan. Can I get a name for the program you're using?


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              Alibre doesn't seem to be very popular with you guys.



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                I use Google SketchUp 7 free version with a large number of plugins. Without the plugins SketchUp isn't good for much but there are hundreds of free plugins. The most important ones are the import/export file type plugins. One issue with SU7 is that they removed the ability to import DXF format. People screamed loudly so they issued a patch that you have to search for that enables the DXF import again.

                There are a ton of tips and tricks to learn to make SU work for you. At first it seems pretty useless for accurate work but that isn't the case. The good part is that there are many excellent tutorials on line for free also. You really need to study the tutorials or you will be missing some of the very unobvious ways that make it much easier to use.

                I dislike Alibre. I find it very clumsy to use.
                Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                  And I went and bought it, darn


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                    Don't let me put you off. What suits me isn't necessarily what suits you and v-v. Alibre is a more professionally oriented program.
                    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                      Lotus or Locost 7 Frame

                      While not exactly machine work, here is a 3D of a Lotus of Locost 7 ( that I drew up in Progecad Pro.

                      Different colors to show weld sequence.


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                        Google Sketch Up

                        Down loaded & Installed sketch up V8 & I was disapointed because it did not allow Import of DXF files



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                          More Info

                          Originally posted by Smokedaddy
                          Some simple stuff with dim(s) ...


                          You mentioned a program you did this bracketry with as dim(s) ?? What is that? I am looking for a program that will do exactly what you have going on there, showing pics with dimensions and such. I do it all on graph paper now, which is so old school, but looking for the same thing on a computer. Also, that machine stand or column in the picture, do you make these? Are they available? I have an old Clausing mill head and motor, but no column or knee. This looks like something I could use to at least rig it up as a heavy duty drill press or something similar. I have a Bridgeport and two Southbends (10"/13") and tooling, etc. so I can make parts and the like. Was going to attemp to build a column and some sort of "knee" or adjustable (z-axis) platform using v-cut mounts/ways, then mount a univeral mill/drill table on it. Anyway, thanks for any info in regard...



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                            Ditto upon the above request


                            Yes I would be very Interested about the software TOO!!!!



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                              You guys mean the software I used to model the stuff I posted above? If so, it's called Rhino. It's been arrond for a long time. Just about any CAD/CAM program I know does this kind of stuff.


                              ... and Bigmo,

                              The pier is for and old telescope, called a Unitron. It is a replica pier as they are rarely found anymore. Yes I made the pier ...


                              and here it is finished ...




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                                When I did the retrofit from the Motor-Generator to Servo for my 10EE I did the adapter plate for the back gear box in solidworks.

                                Heres the render:

                                Heres the finished part out of cast with a couple goofs from learning Mach does not always start right when running from a point in the code: