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OT-Vertical ATV Hauling

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  • OT-Vertical ATV Hauling

    I want to carry 2 Arctic Cats and 1 Eiger in my cargo trailer.
    I will have to stand them up at an angle to get them in my 16 ft trailer.
    Who has a design, or pictures and specs to build it?

    Maybe 3 separate sets that can be installed as needed.

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    Why not park one up front, build a deck over it that attaches to the walls of the trailer and park one on top using ramps. That would be easier and safer to load.

    If you insisted on standing them up, you could hook a chain to the front of the trailer and let it trail out the back. Then park the first one normal like and connect rear to the chain. Then let number 2 atv mount doggy fashion the firwst one and another hook to the chain to hold it in place. Finally, the third mounts the second and a last hook up to the chain. Just got to make sure the chain is up to the job.

    If all three have winches you might be able to build an A frame assemply up front and let them winches themselves on top of one another and then secure them for travel.
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      Any other ideas?


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        Two Level

        Trailer with articulating top pair of ramps like those snowmobile storage lift systems that store one sled above the other. All you really need is a pair of ramps that are fastened together and will lift up and lock into position with a manual boat trailer style winch. A fwew safety pins through here and there and Bobs youre uncle. Good Luck Mike