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Too_Many_Tools post are fine with me

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  • Too_Many_Tools post are fine with me

    Im borered just like many folks and just dont care what the topic is, lets just talk tech and machine work.

    TMT may be a post whore but who cares, he just wants to keep the info rolling and share knowledge. his topics are not my favorites but he does try to keep things rolling.

    give the Troll a break. he is bored like everyone else.

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    Me too, me too, I like threads to read, dead space is just that. OT's for ever.
    It's only ink and paper


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      If we only posted stuff that EVERYONE wanted to read we might not have forum. I do not post much myself but I come on to this everyday and I like it alot. Please keep it up, all of you. And by the way THANKS.



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        ok: Here's mine. I have spent this past day moving stuff in my shop so I can get a 20" wood bandsaw in. You guys have complained about being stuffed in the shop and I am probably lucky. I can still walk to most of it. However, being able to walk does not mean being able to shift in a 30" by 36" base bandsaw. And it's hot here in the valley. I "work" in the shop most days so things are getting cluttered. And, I have to open up an area so I can get my wood stove ready for the winter. Plus, my good swmbo has the honey-do list already overdo and the Drags are coming up next weekend with the new Son-in law, grandson and myself heading to Port Alberni. And, I should be working on her '74 Volks to boot! Wayne.


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          Never really understood what all the fuss about O/T post are, if the heading has O/T or OT and any OT topic is not of interest, pass on by.

          I like them, generally, and check them all.


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            If we only posted stuff that EVERYONE wanted to read we might not have forum.
            But the selection can be hugely narrowed by staying on topic.
            I'd like to see what your reaction is if the HSM magazine is 5% on-topic and the rest about knitting, growing children, politics, and T-shirt tests.



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              I love it.

              It amazes me no end to read certain peoples posts and these certain people discuss such a wide ranges of topics and each and everyone is an expert in that field. Lord! Some threads go so far into great details that it would even make a Harvard scholar throw on his thinking cap.

              If an OT post was to read 2+2 = 4 by post 12 it would read

              = 0.111 x 300,000,000 x 300,000,000
              = 10,000,000,000,000,000 Joules



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                Sometimes the OT topics can be frustrating; but we can always close out of them, or skip them. It would be nice if people were more diligent in labeling their OT posts as such.


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                  There was a post some time ago about OT posts, suggesting that if the topic was OT, you would 'warn' anyone reading so they could avoid it if they wanted. Since then a lot of people have done just that- hence the large number of OT posts labeled as such right at the start. Works fine I think. Sometimes I don't want to know what others have fed the dog or if auntie had had an operation on her very close veins- but usually I connect an OT post with a fellow machinist who is live and going through the same life stuff as me, generally speaking. Personally I would find it boring to be reading about ONLY the metalworking side of my fellow forum friends.
                  I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                    In my opinion, this place was fine until we started arguing about OT and posts.


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                      I don't mind OT's either, but thats OT to the OP's OP which is all about TMT's OTT OT P's

                      OTT = over the top

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