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  • Bulking out an order

    I'm making up an item for a guy and am going to have to buy a component from McMaster to finish it off. Trouble is, it's only a couple of dollars and to make shipping orders to Australia worthwhile I usually need $50 to $100 on the order. (I could make one but the plating alone would cost more than McMaster's price)

    Can anyone suggest some useful (preferably small) items to fill out an order? For example, I bought a carbide tipped scriber the other day and think it's wonderful. Sheet metal, machining, welding, inspection, what ever - what have you got that you wish you'd bought years ago?


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    Shipping to OZ


    Check with McMaster-Carr to see if they will ship to OZ. They certainly would not not so long go.


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      Tiff, I think they will ship to Oz if you have an existing account with them before their policy change.

      Michael, does it have to be from McMaster? I'm not sure what they charge for shipping but it seems to vary wildly between suppliers. Enco for example are extremely reasonable, some others absolute extortion. Maybe you could find the same part through another supplier?
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        Don't understand! I only have my problems staying below a limit.
        I just open the catalog, start browsing, and at page 27 I have already reached 1000 €.



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          McMaster is the company I need to buy from, as they have the other bit that I need. I've been buying from them for many years, so I shouldn't have a problem getting them to supply. I would like not to spend the money of course, but this is for a TAD client and I have to!



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            At my advanced age (71) I find these white-on-black scales much easier to read.....