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A-Frame Trailer Jack Quick Attach Ideas

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  • A-Frame Trailer Jack Quick Attach Ideas

    Recently I have been using a neighbor's small A-frame trailer that has the universal A-frame trailer jack with top crank

    The jack is one that you can crank the jack up and down but it does not swivel.

    I find that one cannot lower the tailgate of the pickup pulling the trailer without hitting the top of the jack...a real PITA.

    Any good ideas for a quick attachment fitting for this type of jack so it can be quickly attached or detached from the trailer?

    The trailer is not mine so I cannot do a significant mod to it but since it will be my tailgate that will be dented *some day* I am trying to head off the problem before it happens.



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    If you use a Class III, or IV receiver hitch, you could use a longer stinger on your hitch, to avoid that problem.
    That would place the trailer farther back.


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      Swing back

      Offer to replace it with a swing back model next time you borrow it. Here's an example


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        You could oversize the three holes in the mounting plate of the jack with a slot to one side , and double-nut the attaching bolts so they are fixed on the trailer. The mounting plate would slip down over the heads of the bolts, then a short twist would put the slots under the heads of the bolts. You'd then have a pin to keep in it from rotating to the removal/installation position.

        Keep in mind that the arrangement would lower the load capacity of the jack significantly, but that's probably true of any simple quick-removal arrangement.

        A more involved arrangement would have a collar with three pins on the jack, and a matching collar with three internal grooves on the trailer. The grooves would be in the shape of an L or J, so the jack would drop in and twist to lock in place with one short bolt into the joint to stop rotation. A piece of pipe with the slots milled in one end could be welded inside another piece of pipe to form the internal grooves. That assembly would then be welded to the trailer. That would make a very strong connection.
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          How much does it foul by? Could you remount the jack leg a bit lower, or a bit further back? This may be possible by inserting a plate to offset the jack; no cutting & welding, just boltwork.

          All of the gear, no idea...


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            Buy your own trailer. The price you pay for borrowing you dent your tailgate and in your script a PITA.


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              I use a pair of magnetic-base sticks to align the hitch and ball when hooking up so I take my tailgate off to see the sticks anyway. Better view of the load in the trailer too.


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                Dear TMT,
                You should explain to the neighbor the potential damage hiis trailer represents to your tailgate in its present configuration, and inform him that, until he rectifies the situation, you will NOT be using his trailer.

                I would give him 30 days to correct the matter. No more, otherwise he'll just stall and stall and never get around to addressing the problem.

                Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                  What is going on here? Your first post and you open a four year old thread. I did enjoy rereading lynnl's answer to the O P
                  Byron Boucher
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                    The guy who opened the thread appeared to have signed on and posted for the sole purpose of advertising his product. His post has been deleted and he has been banned. Now, there is a very slim chance that he is a legit user but was unaware of our policies (I've been wrong before). If that's the case, he can contact me and I'll gladly hear his side of the story.
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