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  • Another tool gloat

    I had to go into Dunstable this morning, so dropped into Chronos Tools to pick up 10mm shank insert tip threading tools for the Orac. I also did my usual dig around on the clearance table.

    First I found a 3D Taster. There were two on the table, one was faulty, but this one seems Ok. I'll do an accuracy check later.

    For a whole £10 (about $16) I thought it was worth a punt.

    I also found a Vertex BS0 dividing head and chuck. The note on the box said the chuck was faulty and indeed it did seem to jam solid part way out. The head itself whilst missing the other index plates and the handle, seemed to be in fine fettle.

    I already have two other BS0s, one a Vertex with Myford spindle nose that I bought from my boss. It's really nice and smooth since I cleaned out the shiping grease and adjusted it properly. The other is a Chinese made and branded unit with a Boxford spindle nose. It's Ok, but nowhere near as nice as the Vertex. Neither has a chuck at the moment.

    The new Vertex with bolt on chuck backplate (no threaded spindle nose) cost the princely sum of £100.
    Paul Compton

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    3d taster? mmm tasty!

    How does the handle gear engage inside those tilting devider heads anyway? Seems to me it would need a few gears inbeween.

    Very nice deal on those...
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