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3 D Modeling, A Must See

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  • 3 D Modeling, A Must See

    Has anyone seen this before ??? A must for the HSM er.


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    3D scanning is cool. I have played around with it and you don't need to spend big bucks to do it. All you need is some free software and a line laser with some means to slowly scan it vertically. A simple slow motor drive like a clock second hand will do.

    The scanning software is called David.

    This is an example of how it works. The first image is the model set up in the scanning booth with the target calibration background.

    The second is the resulting 3D model that can be used to mill a 3D profile with a CNC mill or to build up a 3D object with a 3D printer.

    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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      This is actually quite old tech now, I'm sure they have improved it but that tech has been around at least 12-14 years now, maybe more. We built some plastic injection molds from these type of prototypes back in 1998


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        You can get a simple one for the home here.
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          Why would you need to bust out a 3D scanner to fix a steam engine when Sir John can ghetto rig something up from scrap laying around?


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            Nice technology. But, I'd like to be one of those machinists making a couple of hundred bucks an hour the blowhard in the blue shirt was talking about!



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              I just about choked when I heard that too. Of course, he has a different perspective. When he has to pay to have something machined they say "Good morning Mr. Leno" <ka-CHING>.
              Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here