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OT- How old do you feel?

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  • OT- How old do you feel?

    Lets face it this is more relevant than how old you actually are.

    I'm looking down the throat of 60, but most of the time I feel no different than I did when I was in my 30s.
    I know I have lost upper body strength over the years and some stamina, but for the most part I feel pretty good. Knock wood.

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    Now this is a more valid question than what is your actual age.
    I'm 65, supposedly in my golden years, but there isn't much gold in them years.

    Two back operations, bad knees, foot and shoulder, I still get around OK but the up and down is a killer.
    Maybe destroying two cars and a motorcycle had something to do with it.
    Guaranteed not to rust, bust, collect dust, bend, chip, crack or peel


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      Physically or Emotionally?
      I'm 39, but Physically I feel like I'm about 60.
      Emotionally, I'm still 16.
      My knees feet and back hurt from standing 10 hours everyday.
      30% hearing loss in both ears.
      Bad eyesight.
      Drink and eat too much.
      But at least I'm still young at heart!


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        yesterday me and a girl I boat with were in the river talking about just that,

        20's to 30's while in our WW kayaks in the river and maybe add a decade after we get out.

        When she's in her boat she looks way younger and acts it too, quite the little daredevil...


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          I feel rode hard and put up wet.


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            was just talking the other day on this same subject. I feel better now than a couple years ago by making a job change.New job is much easier on me now. I felt terrible in my late 40's.Was very miserable with aches and pains. jim


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              Studies show that physically people with FMS function about the same as someone 20 years older. That makes me about 80. I don't want to know how I will feel when I am 80.
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                Nearly 61 and just started taking cholestrol and blood pressure meds.

                Still don't need glasses to read the warning label on the bottles.

                Can't keep my eyes open in the recliner when I do get in at night. (SWMBO calls that pre-sleeping)

                Sleep like a baby at night (without the bedwetting and dirty diapers).

                get up every morning at 5:30 and work until after dark, up and down a ladder all day.

                Can still carry a 5 ton pot compressor up the ladder on my shoulder.

                Feel like I did when I was 30, just don't heal as fast when I do an oops.



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                  I'm 64. But once in a while, due to my own stupidity, I feel like I'm 80.

                  Most of the time, I'm only 17.

                  I should work out a little, but I have a hard time going to a place that openly admits they have a large number of dumb-bells on the premises.
                  No good deed goes unpunished.


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                    i am 50, but on a good normal day pre-shoulder surgery i felt about 30 but for the shoulder. was walking 5 miles a day 4 of it walking and golfing 18 holes. right now i feel 60, but working hard in rehab and gaining attitude i am starting to feel young again. still painful due to heavy bone and tendon work, but walking 3 miles a day again, though not on the course, but around town talking to people, noticing new things. walking right now, different routes, working on planning my year ahead on my that respect i feel about 25 top 30 again. when i wake up after the bones settle though, i feel about 90.
                    CCBW, MAH


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                      iam 41 but tonight i feel like iam 70 maybe 80 ,,


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                        Airsmith you just described how I used to feel about 4 years ago, its been a steady progression since and now that the topic has been brought up I will tell you guys whats helped me the most and that's trying to figure out what brought us to our point in this existence so far - and then figuring out what's been the most major factors that we do that works against these biological systems that took so long to evolve.

                        Years of personal trial and error research has led me to what I consider the 5 critical screw ups of mankind and for what its worth here they are...

                        #1; The cooking of food - the destroying of all enzyme activity before ingestion and the altering of its chemical composition, This ones simple - Life is life,,, Thousands and thousands of mammalian species on the planet that thrive on raw food and only we think its a good idea to apply heat to food, yet our pets suffer the same fate as we do in degenerative illnesses.

                        #2; Stress management, this one speaks for itself...

                        #3; Fasting --- strictly on water for a limited pre-determined time, A naturally occurring biological event for most all mammals except Humanoids --- we never give our systems a break - we cram in three squares (with snacks) day in day out -- in many health issues fasting is the quickest way to regain health and well being - it is very difficult - But Hunger is not a bad thing - it actually should be normal on occasion - its that starvation thing that you want to avoid...

                        #4; Alkalizing - choose meals that alkalize the system - not make it more acidic... fruits and veggies and lots of them - but don't combine - see below.

                        #5; Meal combining - Learn what type of food groups combine well with others and more importantly what ones don't, We digest our foods with the help of powerful enzymes and hydrochloric acid which we secrete --- You could hire the best chemist on the planet and give him these ingredients while you eat a cheeseburger then ask him to take care of the mix you just ate and he would say "you want me to do what?"

                        The high PH enzymes (ptyalin) in our saliva that we produce to break down the bun and the starch in the bun itself defuse the hydrochloric acid that your body threw in to digest the meat and visa versa - the entire mix is then left to putrefy creating a plethora of types of acids and wastes that we are not only incapable of assimilating but make us very ill, Im not even going to tell you what happens to the cheese.
                        Yet this has become the "norm" --- steak and potato/fish and chips/spaghetti and meatballs ect. ect.
                        Nowhere in nature will you be stumbling through the woods and find a table set with a smorgasbord of proteins/grains/simplex and complex carbohydrates/vegetables/fats - we are not meant to deal with this "in one sitting"
                        You can have it all ( But when I say "all" I don't mean dairy), just not all at the same time...

                        Even the highest quality food will get you into trouble if you don't obey the above, food will then become your poison...

                        All 5 of these guidelines have to be in place or the biological system will suffer, and when it suffers so do you... also, the guidelines are with high quality non-refined - mostly non-gmo - mostly organic foodstuffs.

                        Life is simple - for answers to the future look to the past
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                          I am 60, and really envy you guys with a little age on you that can still feel young at times. I have felt old all my adult life, to explain that a little, I was hit with a rheumatoid type spinal arthritis at age 19 and was on total disability before I was 40. If you have your health, take care of it, it is precious.


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                            70 and don’t feel any different then 50. Never been happier then doing what I’m doing right now. However when working I will only push myself so much and then quite when I start getting tired.
                            PB is a slight problem but moderate exercise works wonders for controlling it. In worst case I might take a half of one of the pills that I am suppose to take daily.
                            Doctor claimed I was becoming diabetic so I change diet and dramatically reduce sugar intake and cured that.
                            He also have me pills for lowering cholesterol. It is a long story but very simply something didn’t seem right so I wound up doing some research found and out the whole notion that lowering cholesterol is BS. So I threw out my $100 bottle of unopened pills.


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                              I think is thread is by far more beneficial then probably the OP had imagined
                              simply from the fact that it has people THINKING about there well being.
                              I can see this having long term benefits( I know it will with me).
                              JIM : You don't get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.