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Broken Thread on Shower Head

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  • Broken Thread on Shower Head

    OK, the pipe on my shower head broke in half at the worst spot. Half the thread is still in the pipe, behind the nice tile wall. So, how do I get it out ?

    My thought was create a left hand threading tool to back out the broken piece. (seems like a lot of work). My other thought was to cut out the tile and remove the 90 that the partially threaded pipe is stuck in. ( lot of work and there goes the tile )

    FYI, There is little nub left in the wall side of the threaded pipe. The pipe is a Home Depot special I guess they cut the threads too deep it is only two years old.

    see pics

    anyway I did get it out. I decided to pull on the little piece that was left with some snub nose pliers hoping to get it loosened enough to twist out. But, to my complete surprise the broken piece ripped out 1/3 of a thread at a time until it all came out, kinda like uncoiling a spring !

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    You need one of these:

    It is called a 1/2" Internal Pipe Wrench Easy Out, and it reportedly costs less than $10.
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        Yep, that's probably better.

        Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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          I have a set of the extractors in winchmans photo from Snap-On and they do an excellent job.
          It's only ink and paper


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            As I recall, the local Big Orange Box store had extractors for rent. I had to replace one and that is how I removed the broken off stub.


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              There is a left hand tapered reamer type tool made to repair 1/2" sch 80 irrigation pipe when it is broken off in threaded joints. I think I got mine at Home Depot. Very usefull tool to have. It doesn't break the bank to buy one.
              Byron Boucher
              Burnet, TX