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best use of cutoffs/drops

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  • best use of cutoffs/drops

    We've had threads on shop made tools, how small is too small to save, etc. We all usually have small bits of metal hanging around our shops. What are some of the things you've made with the leftover pieces of steel? I'm thinking bar stock under 12" (more likely 6" for me) or odd corners that you cut off blocks, the rounded corners when you cut a disk from a square?

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    how small is too small to save,
    Atomic level for unobtainium.

    Regards Ian
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      Once, I found a use for some stray weld splatter I found on the floor, when I lost the *tiny* ball bearing that makes up the detent unit in a scroll wheel in a mouse.

      Beat that for micro scrap reuseal!

      (It was MUCH easyer to find weld splatter then it was the ball bearing..)
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        it is a problem here too. i save EVERYTHING.... throw it in the chip tray and sort it out when i clean it. if its under a inch long i usually scrap it. other than that, its there somewhere. thats the rounds. other size stuff like drops from plazma burning, its really a difficult decision to make. as i use pretty much only salvage material anyway, i just stand the ddrop up and sort thru them asneeded. one of these days, im going to need to clean up the mess. a barn, another barn, a three stall garage plus a shop and a machine shop. . . . aarrrgggggg. no actual value to anyone but me im afraid. if anyone needs anything, i just may have it somewherer. .. . .


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          I also save almost everything. The only things I throw out are sheet or plate that is totally riddled with holes, and very small parts.

          Just last week I made a thumbwheel knob out of a piece of bronze that was only 1/4 inch thick and 1 1/4 inch in diameter.


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            Steel drops can be made into gage blocks, pins, setup blocks, shims, go/nogo gages, feeler gages, and other doo-dads.
            aluminum drops can be cut into thin pieces to put under clamps to keep the clamps from marring the workpiece. Same for brass and bronze.


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              In work the latest craze is 5s, which means chuck everything in the skip, i seem to be spending more time in the skip these days, ive seen loads of stray offcuts in the bin and am having severe difficulty stopping myself from filling my workshop with "come in handies", mind you when the stores chucked out all the old stock of imperial drills i spent so much time in the dumpster that someone painted "marks office"on the side and rubbish skip and rubbish skip on my workshop door!
              Its only useful when you can find it [that applies to a lot of things]


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                Originally posted by Teenage_Machinist
                Just last week I made a thumbwheel knob out of a piece of bronze that was only 1/4 inch thick and 1 1/4 inch in diameter.
                you make it sound like the piece was at risk! Piece of bronze that big would get a velvet lined case in my shop. Bloody wastards and drunkards

                the answer should depend on how much crap you're already carrying. I must stop saving everthing. one day. soon.