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BXA on Clausing lathe? (sizes)

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  • BXA on Clausing lathe? (sizes)

    So there is an old Clausing 4900 (I think) in one of the student shops and it has a crappy lantern style toolpost that I'd like to replace.

    I know AXA is the ideal size, but if I buy a BXA I can use it on my 14" Pacemaker that currently doesn't have a QC toolpost after I leave school.

    What do you all think? Can I squeeze a BXA in there?

    (plus I could interchange toolholders with my other BXA toolpost)
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    Hard to say Tom. I use a BXA on my 5914, but the 4900 is it's little brother. I've never seen a 4900 in the flesh to know for sure...
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      The BXA fits both my 4818 belt drive and my 5914 variable speed drive, both 12" lathes. In looking on the internet, the 4900 looks a lot like a 5900 although I note that the 4900 is a 10" lathe and the 5900 is a 12" lathe. I guess that doesn't exactly answer your question. Looks like someone with a 4900 will have to answer that.


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        Thanks guys. I think maybe I'll go ahead and pull the trigger. It looks like the difference in minimum height between the two is only 0.062". I could probably grind one or two of the chineese holders to fit the smaller lathe if I had to.


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          CC I went to used BXA on both 12x36 lathes they had, one a Southbend
          Taiwan variant and the newer ones Standard Modern. Worked fine,
          well within the range of adjustment. Both lathes are similar to the
          ubiquitous 12x36 with squared off headstocks. Main hassle you might
          run into is with a BB live center in the tailstock, larger diameter bearings
          might run into the BXA, had that problem sometimes at home even
          with AXA and solved it by getting an MT2 live center, with adapter, the
          smaller bearing housing diameter got rid of the problem, (turning shafts).
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            My old Dorian Catalog (1996) lists the cutter height for the BXA as Mimimum= 1-1/16 and Maximum = 2-1/8.
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              I've seen recommendations for AXA's on 9 - 12" lathes with BXA on 13 -16". If you can use the BXA on a 12", that would be my choice due to the 5/8" tool capacity. JMO.