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DIY Optical tool setter for CNC lathe

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  • DIY Optical tool setter for CNC lathe


    (also posted at PM)

    I have built an optical tools setter for my Haas TL-2 CNC lathe.
    The camera (CCD) has a 400 times magnification. Monitor has 200 mm. Movements of 1 µm can be seen on the screen. Cross-hair painted onto the screen with a felt tip. I also wrote the numbers for the tool radius compensation onto the screen (always forget them).

    The device can be removed from the lathe and is held in position by 3 cones (hardened and ground) that also do have a flat surface as a lengthwise stop. I simply drilled some holes and cut a few threads into the spindle stock for the cones. Repeatability of the device is about 0.01 mm.
    The mating surface for the cone was cast with DWH from Diamant (the makers of Moglice) in situ.

    The camera:
    I asked a friend to give me one and adopt it. It's part of his job and hobby. Next time, I would use a 200 * magnification.
    I didn't want to use a USB camera, as it would require a PC. Not the most logic way. Also, they often lack fixed magnification.

    The LCD is one for surveillance. I'm using the BAS-input. Power for the camera is taken off of the LCD.

    Here is the video.

    Also demonstrated is the repeatability of a Multifix QCTP that is at about 2 µm.


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    That is very cool Nick! Congrats on your lathe and setting tool!


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      Very nice Nick! Especially impressed with the Multifix demo
      "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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        Nick, Very nice piece of work.
        Thanks for sharing the great idea.


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          Very nice!


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            You have a Haas lathe but you don't have money to buy crap?