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  • OT Another Project Follows Me Home

    I was at a local welding machine shop last week getting some parts made. There was an old Yamaha XT500 sitting in the corner.
    I inquired about it and was told it was for sale. $900.00 later it is sitting in my shop. A 1980 XT500 with 14500 KM on the odometer.
    The plate on it was from 2003 it has been sitting for a long time. I pulled the spark plug and gave it a shot of WD40 and a new plug and it fired right up.
    It needs a good cleaning the carb will need a good cleaning too a front tire and a front brake cable and a tail light lens and a bit of TLC. I may need to add onto the shop it's getting a bit cramped.


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    Looks like a good color match for the Beemer.