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  • Alternate Toilet paper uses

    Have a look, remember that I'm a cheap bastard, and know that the PVC pipe was sanded down on a belt sander to fit both the water filter head unit and toilet paper roll. Can't remember the dimension. Also, the water filter is run "backwards" from how water would normally enter.

    hope the pictures work.


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    My, that picture was BIG! I'll try the next a bit smaller. Vry sorry if I'm not up to speed on all this stuff.



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      Humph! Guess I'll need the tutorial on picture posting afterall!


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        Are filters that expensive in your part of the country ?

        I suggest resizing your pics to 800 pixels wide.


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          Oww. My eyes hurt. I wonder what that picture was showing?


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            Originally posted by gnm109
            Oww. My eyes hurt. I wonder what that picture was showing?
            I had a little time so I scanned back and forth, back and forth but haven't seen it yet, if I find it I'll let you know
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              Originally posted by Your Old Dog
              I had a little time so I scanned back and forth, back and forth but haven't seen it yet, if I find it I'll let you know

              Thanks. I can't figure it out.


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                As a kid I remember seeing an adapter for an automobile oil filter that used a roll of toilet paper for the filter. I don't remember enough details, but I think there were top and bottom plates to simulate the original filter element's canister. Of course that was the era of the oil bath air filter too. Maybe there was an adaptation for that too and I just never saw it. Unroll 25 squares and lay the strip back and forth ...
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                  The toilet paper oil filter is where I got the idea. Friend of mine has one, and he uses it on his sand blast cabinet. Figured I'd give it a try, but in my own way. Works just fine.

                  Also, I'll take the advice and downsize the image.


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                    OK, the image is too big, but well sized for "older" eyes. Scan over to the right, approximately half way down the image and you'll see the Ace water filter. The next post, I pasted an "icon" picture to see if that was any better. Maybe click it and enlarge?

                    Hell, I'm new to this stuff!


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                      oops - that upload didn't work...
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                        State your objective.

                        So what are you trying to filter and how fine. A 30micron 10" water filter is $3.50 at Ace Hardware. If you are trying to make a Motogard type moisture filter the toilet paper may look similar to their paper filters but it doesn't work that well. If that is what you are doing just pay the $7 for a real motorgard filter.
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                          Is not the purpose of toilet paper to come apart?


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                            Hey you with the little johnson. did you use new or used TP in that filter?
                            I remember back in the 60's there was a guy selling TP oil filters for cars. I think TP was invented for a specific use and I don't think it is water filtering.
                            I have a WATTS under sink water filter system that takes all the chlorine taste out of our water and the filters cost about $30 per year. you can buy the whole system for $90.

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                              Not to derail the OP's thread, but yeah I remember those TP oil filters as my dad had one on his cars in the early 60's. He was a helluva auto mechanic and swore by them.
                              I used to do the oil and filter changes for him and I remember it was always clean.
                              The filters were made by Frantz.

                              I'd kind of forgotten about them till I read this thread, so I Googled Frantz and was surprised to see that they are still very much alive.

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