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Power hammer, overhead guided Helve for metalshaping

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  • Power hammer, overhead guided Helve for metalshaping
    my shoulder wore out from sports and bikes.. This bends and shapes much faster than I can swing a mallet. Allows me to continue my hobby for a while longer.. Making things for cars-trucks and old bikes. It can replicate any molding line, or bead by cutting new plastic dies. Or stretch the metal like crazy into any shape I desire..

    I thought the sound was familiar? ratio-motor rpm sets the frequency at 10 times a second.. about the same as a old thompson. 550-600 rpm... ROUNDS PER MINUTE..

    Made from junk laying about.. the frame should be much stronger. I did fabricate a shroud for the helve today to HOLD in the parts when it falls apart.. slide already vibrated loose once..

    Ya'll play nice now. I also posted this over on site.
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    Nifty, can we see pics of some of the metal you have shaped with it? even just some test parts
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      IBEW, very cool. Are your hands numb after using it?

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        Very neat build Dave. I`m curious about the amount of vibration you feel in your hands too.
        Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit


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          In Use

          Making a distributor recess for the 1941 chevy truck. FULL build.. I gotta get it inside to cut the hole.. need to cut the hole for the shifter, cut the hole for the gas feed.. pull the wires through the dash to crank it.. and (you get the ideal) reinstall the wrecker bed back on it.. make running boards to close up to the wrecker bed, install the exhaust stacks..

          YOUR question:
          Hammer- Hand shaking.. yes.. sometimes in fear.. HA.. well.. I have a deep draw die cut out on the welding table polishing it.. it is about a inch and half deep.. like the end of a french curve.. for the 1957 gmc cab corner.. I am not sure if I need a couple of rollers and guide fence or not.. (edit).. well.. Not as bad as a old panhead handlebars.. some of them old rascals if you let go of them while the engine was running.. you could not catch them again.. It ain't that bad.. I am kinda scared of the deep draw die.. it will SHAKE like the devil.. I'll probably do it in 1/4" deep passes thou till it is full depth. My hands are not numb.. thou I used to like for my head to be..

 Cranking the engine after setting it into the 1941 truck on late model chassis.. I got a whole yard full of these old rusty things if any of you need a project..
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