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  • What are you up to today?

    I just made a little tool (the steel ring containing pins) to finish disassembly of a high speed Van Norman head. I came in to eat lunch and thought that I would share the 1/2 days activity and prod you all for updates on your own projects.

    Click for larger photo.

    So, what do you have going on today?

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    I'm in the middle of a lathe rebuild. I decided to work on the chuck today.

    We are still in the middle of the broken wife problem so tomorrow will be spent going to Vegas again.
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      Slabs of Aluminumn

      Making some more Head fixtures for my engine project. Also wondering how to make up a collet device to hold from 4.5 to 8 mm valve stems in my new (nice yet really old) Black and decker Valve machine.


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        I fixed the power crossfeed on my lathe last night which extended past midnight so that counts as today. The motor had burned out. I am attempting to make solid metal spherical very long focal length mirrors for astronomy. No results yet but this is the setup.

        This morning the smoke is so thick that I was able to take a direct prime focus image of the sun with my telescope. That eliminates all lenses from the optical path and also eliminates the possibility of chromatic abberation causing image artifacts. The result is that the images from my Canon TX1 seem to be valid as the images from the Canon 350D show exactly the same features using only mirrors to focus the light.

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          I'm making prototype parts for a new kind of high power density electric motor, a new pet product and a new plumbing tool. Tomorrow I'll be making parts for 2 different kinds of lawn and garden prototypes. Sat. will be parts for an injection molding co. that makes trashcans with wheels and plastic pallets.


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            Before I took off for work today, I made a little knurled thumbscrew. It's the thimble lock screw I lost from my coolest little micrometer:

            I'm just starting to write up some reviews of a few special small production tools for my Web site, and I didn't want to leave out this tool so I had to get the screw made for the photo.

            Frank Ford


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              Putting together two of these. Honda Trail 90 engines.



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                I repaired a damaged utility trailer by cutting off the old coupler, straightening the tongue, and welding on a new coupler.

                Then I cut some brackets and the feet off an old propane tank that's going to be the next charity smoker.

                The last thing I did was cut 94 pieces of 2"x2"x3/16" aluminum angle 3" long to be used for mounting new security cameras around the school campus. I'm officially in love with the Doringer cold saw.
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                  I just bought another two door steel storage cabinet that will be devoted to my wooden kitchenware project. So now I'm trying to make room in the shop to put the cabinet. A whole 'nother re-org, again!

                  Here's a link to my wood kitchenware web page.


                  This little project has been doing well and making some money, and I need to get all of the pertinent tools organized and stored cleanly, thus the dedicated cabinet.

                  MACHINING CONTENT! The devices I use to make the spoons are themselves built with my home shop machinery, and the rolling pins are made on a 1953 vintage Craftsman / Atlas 12 X 36 metal lathe.


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                    I'm trying to write a script to start, stop, and status 5 Oracle instances in a Red Hat 2-node HA cluster. There's no way to test this because the Oracle DB is busy. Hurry up and wait - meanwhile, the countdown to due date approaches null.

                    I'm headed to California's gold country tomorrow to have some beers with some biker scum.


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                      Frank, you gone steam punk on us?

                      went shopping

                      4 contactors for the cnc retrofit and some missing knobs for a 466 scope coming up for sale.

                      a good day



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                        We are pouring a pad for a large vehicle hoist, big enough to lift a semi truck tractor.
                        For years we have been under rigs, torching and welding, nothing worse than torching slag going into your ear while cramped under a rig on jack stands, I will get pictures once the lift is installed.
                        I cant say enough about how handy it will be to have.


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                          Watched glue dry.............Period correct 1917 coat hangar @36" long,18" or so high with,get this;71 individual pcs.,not counting the 3 small beveled mirrors or the 4 coat hooks.That was the paying gig.

                          The semi-paying gig......semi in that it will make shop/me/dust collection happier and quicker...was two new sheetmetal dust collection ports for a cpl machines.Nuthin major;simple layout,trip or 3 across pexto,bend here and there,cleco then rivet.Oh and a smooosh of ductseal.

                          Went into machine shop but left just as quickly.....really didn't feel like changin oil.BW


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                            Going through one great collection of machinist mags.....all day long. Just got on line to take a break.
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                              I wrote a lot of code today.

                              I am the only one on here who's not employed as a machinist!??