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Bronze bushes and D reamer

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  • Bronze bushes and D reamer

    Guys, I need to make some 54mm (2 1/4") long x 26mm (1.024") ID bronze bushes, I'll be starting with 1" bore hollow round bronze. So that I've got a consistent ID I thought it best to ream them using a home made D reamer, a commercial reamer in this size is just too expensive. I've read up on D reamers and I think I know what to do there.

    Will a D reamer take out the bronze from 25.4mm to 26mm, ie 12 thou DOC and leave a good finish, or should I should I get closer with the boring bar first?

    Any tips on speeds and lubes for a D reamer of this size in bronze?

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    I think your 1.000" ID stock will come in undersize by at least .032" -.063" and the hole itself may not be exactly centered. I would think you'll Have to bore to .010 under then use your "D" reamer. That stuff is designed to resist wear while being rubbed.

    i am asuming your talking about the cast "cored rounds", if you're talking about machined bushings then disregard above.