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    By accident I have found the perfect oiler for parting. Pictures should be following and the kit which comes with 2 bottles and 3 needle tubes (.047")should be readily found at an Office Depot, or Office Max or Staples stores. Cost about 16 or 18 bucks and as you can see the tube will easily fit in the slot left from parting. You can squeeze the oil where it needs to be and not all over the tool, tool holder, part or chuck and the amount you need is amazingly small making clean up a snap as the hole is but 47 thousands and waste is minimal. The tip is two piece and will snap out of the bottle and the tip will unscrew from the center piece (see last photo). I like to use some of the old standby lard oil and I can't find it much any more. This conserves it for me. Washing out the water based ink out of the bottles is pretty easy. Oh, by the way, the kit can fill up my HP printer cartaridge 10+ times before it is empty. I threw away the first set without realizing what I had.