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OT - Downloading on Dialup

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  • tlfamm
    I am an inveterate info-junkie, and have downloaded hundreds of gigabytes of PDF files over a phone modem. The best you can do with 56 Kb dialup is roughly 18 megabytes per hour.

    Unless you have a well-endowed system (lots of memory, fast processor(s), appropriate paging space, _and_ a real modem instead of a soft modem, the fundamental rule is: hands off of the computer while a download is in progress.

    1. PDF files can be very large - I think the largest I ever encountered was about 400 megabytes. Large files will place a heavier load on the system and the net than small files.

    2. Unless it is a small PDF document (10 pages or less) do not attempt to read it online; download it and read it locally.

    3. Are you using a download manager? Some servers will mistake their behavior for something malign, and terminate the connection. (Google Books is such a site - maybe scribd as well.) I actually logged an error report with Google over this (4 years ago) - but they weren't interested in changing the behavior of their watchdog software.


    I had a very well-endowed system with a soft modem - and if I didn't scrupulously follow the hands-off rule, I would eventually choke the system during a download.

    I wonder if the server in question is arbitrarily terminating your connections after a certain time-interval, one sufficiently long to service cable-modem users (for example), but insufficiently long for telephone modem users. It's rare for that to occur, but not impossible.

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    Guest started a topic OT - Downloading on Dialup

    OT - Downloading on Dialup

    A question for the group...

    While using dialup I have come across sites where during a download (usually a PDF), the download process will stop.

    After repeating the process, the downloading always stops at the same point (so many MB) and it doesn't not seem to matter whether it is a download through IE or if Adobe Reader is open.

    Any ideas what is going on?

    It would seem to be a problem on the transmitting end.

    Thanks for any suggestions.