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  • Situation report update

    Geroge closed the previous thread while I was writing this so I am posting it here.

    Back to the subject of this thread, we have a beautiful sunny day with no smoke in the air. We had some thundershowers yesterday that dumped large amounts of rain and even some small but heavy hail too. The evacuation orders and warnings have been rescinded and Highway 20 west is now open after being closed for a week. It is late enough in the year that the chance of another extreme hot and dry spell is considerably diminished so even though the fires are not out the threat is much lower.

    During the last two weeks the main fires just to the west expanded more than anybody knew since it was impossible to survey because of the smoke. The Meldrum fire went from 400 sq kilometres to over 600 sq kilometres at last report. It is a combination of pure stupid luck that the weather didn't blow the fire over the entire area and burn out the entire town combined with the incredible efforts of firefighters from all over Canada that saved our asses.

    When I was in town a while back I happened to spot in the parking lot a small team of fire fighters from Chilliwack BC which is down toward Vancouver. I went over to talk with them and found they are a structure protection unit. I thanked them sincerely for coming up to help us and shook their hands. I hope that they all go home uninjured and enjoy what is left of summer. Without them we would be homeless.
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    Wow, awsome to hear firefighters from near where I live are up there giving ya a hand evan
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      I am glad you are more or less out of the woods. It is terrible to see people lose everything to a fire.