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  • Buy a gas can lately?

    I did.

    It's been awhile since I had purchased a gas can...I have always purchased metal cans and treat them well...the ones I have are decades old.

    So when I was in a store recently I purchased some five gallon plastic ones.

    When I got them home I started looking at the spouts that came with them...WTH?

    Obviously I have been passed by with the march of gas can spout technology... ;<) ...and some designer had way too much time on his hands.

    The new spouts are going goodbye...any suggestions for a HSM buildable gas can spout that works?

    You might find this of interest...


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    Thank you mister government!

    Try using one of the new spouts on a boat that is moving all over.
    I'm looking for gas cans @ rummage sales.

    Or I will machine an adapter that replaces the no good spout with a simple gas hose.


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      Originally posted by mcskipper

      Or I will machine an adapter that replaces the no good spout with a simple gas hose.

      again, another "why didn't i think of that" idea.

      i have 6 of those beautiful 5 & 6 gal round plastic cans and only 1 flexible, dribbling dam spout. but i have secure caps for most of them, , , , good project for tomorrow. lawn mowers, tractors, motorcycles, 4 wheelers, snowblowers, (thats coming sooner than i want). and i dribble gas on all of them.

      stand back ! ! ! ! ! i just don't know how good this is gonna be .


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        My problem isn't with nozzle function -- I have a couple of CA-spec plastic gas cans in my garage that work dandy for splash-free and zero-overflow refueling of various small gas engines.

        My problem is with the nozzle-to-can mating setup. It can take me 3-5 attempts, with torque levels that feel like they're within 10% of sudden thread failure, to get a nozzle reinstalled that (a) doesn't leak when dispensing fuel, and (b) ends up with the dispensing nozzle +/- 5 degrees of straight.

        Short version, I'd be fine with the new nozzles if I could repeatably remove and reinstall them straight and leak-free. Hell, I'd pay $5 more per can if someone would offer a design that solves those problems.



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          Classic example of the worst of "too much bureaucracy" intersecting "too much stupidity".

          Ya know that local moron who routinely spills 1/3rd of the gas on the ground trying to pour through a funnel?

          The local bureaucrat saw him doing that...

          And that's how we got here.


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            Yep. I bought one a while back to replace an old "can". Trying to fill a tractor with those things is a real PITA. Took the old spout and put it on the new can. As soon as the "Gument" finds out, they'll probably change the threads on the newer cans. (Maybe they have already, I don't now.)


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              Originally posted by Gravy
              Classic example of the worst of "too much bureaucracy" intersecting "too much stupidity".

              Ya know that local moron who routinely spills 1/3rd of the gas on the ground trying to pour through a funnel?

              The local bureaucrat saw him doing that...

              And that's how we got here.
              You are likely right.

              I once watched a weekend boater pour 5 gallons of gas in a 2 gallon tank...and only had a gallon in the tank when he was done.

              I couldn't believe was like watching a train wreck.

              Later after the gas can purchases I went back to see if they had any others...$10 for a 5 gallon plastic can....$50 for a 5 gallon metal can.

              Damn...I think I will have to treat my existing metal cans better...kiss them goodnight and tuck them into bed.



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                Does anyone know where to find the metal flex hose that gas cans once had?

                I think I want to make some flexible spouts.



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                  I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago.

                  I stopped to gas up at Athens, AL, along I-65, midway between B'ham and Nashville, and just as I finished filling up, a guy approached me and asked me to buy a can of gas for $5, so he could get him something to eat.

                  He had been hitch hiking on the interstate and a Mexican had picked him up and brought him there and filled up a 2.5 gal nice steel gas can and gave it to him. Obviously thinking the man (hitch hiker) had run out of gas.
                  He said he never could make the Mexican understand that he didn't need/couldn't use the gas.

                  In fact it was now an albatross around his neck, since he was afoot.

                  I didn't particularly want it, but I went ahead and gave him the $5 for it, for which he was grateful.

                  Was a weird, but funny scenario.
                  Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                    I have 2 5 gal. plastic gas cans made by Gott, later bought out by Rubbermaid. I recently called Rubbermaid to see if they had spout parts and of course they are out of production. I can't find any other parts that will fit either. The only good can I have left is an old 5 gallon army can that once had a metal flex neck. Todays cans are junk.



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                      I bought a can with one of the new spouts. MISERABLE! the pour rate was about a quarter of what it should have been.

                      I kept an eye out for a can discarded by the side of the road. A little patience paid off. A few weeks later I found one: the thread was a perfect fit and the 'new' accordioned valve-less spout pours as fast as I could hope for.

                      I figure any hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere by the open spout is more than offset by the global warming that was avoided by my not blowing my top waiting for the stupid hi-tech spout to pour.


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                        I stick it to the man by using gallon anti-freeze bottles for saw gas and five gallon hydraulic buckets for the rest.

                        Don't need no stinkin funnel either,I used to own a 63' Chevy PU and can still pour engine oil from 2 feet away at night through a 1-1/2" moving target and not spill a drop
                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          i hate the new cans. makes me wish for the days(1971-73) when my brother and me would tie a pushmower to the seatpost of our bikes with a gallon Clorox jug of gas tied to the handlebar and pedal our services. and yes, we did target the widow women.he took the north,i took the south. we could make $20-30 on a saturday. not bad for a couple of boys.


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                            I still have several Eagle brand metal gas cans. These were excellent cans except that after maybe 15 or 20 years, the plastic spout deteriorated and cracked.

                            I could never find new spouts so I bought some plastic cans. The spouts lasted a cuple years or so and broke.

                            Went to the local hardware store and bought a replacement spout.

                            Wrong thread.

                            Bought a couple more plastic 6 gallon cans form wally world. (walmart)

                            These are the ones mentioned in an earlier post that take about 10 minutes to pour into my mower. These don't have a vent except in the nozzle. JUNK.

                            If anyone knows of a source for spouts for the eagle cans, (I think the threads are the ones that were used for a hundred years or so) I would be interested in hearing about it.

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                              Here in Maine it is now illegal for stores to sell the replacement spouts for the old style cans. The nanny state marches on.