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Paging "Fastrack"-Look at the Video

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  • Paging "Fastrack"-Look at the Video

    The video gives a new meaning to "Superlathe". It's a long video.
    Makes our lathes look wimpy.
    The link is from the "Vanguard Lathe-Nightmare" thread on PM.

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    So Harry, When are You going to get one?
    That was an incredible video. Thanks for posting.
    I thought having a 20 horse lathe was a pretty good accomplishment, kind of makes it look like a little Taig in comparison.



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      Be fun to put a small HF lathe in that thing, just for laughs.
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        Now there's an understatement!!!

        Awesome video. Thanks for posting.
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          I'm going to get rotten tomatoes for saying this, but if they're so proud of their lathe, why only a one year warranty?

          * One year warranty on all parts and labor; see standard warranty terms.
          "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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            Originally posted by beckley23
            Makes our lathes look wimpy.
            Lalalalala .... I'm not listening!

            Actually, I've seen that video before. I don't say this very often, but I think that is actually TOO much lathe for me to handle Thanks for posting it. This time I saved it to my desktop so I won't forget it!


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              I can always say I don't have the room, which is true, but I'm not interested in that type of work. That lathe is designed for a particular class of work, and would be useless for what I do. It's nice to think of the possibilties, though.
              That lathe ain't going to go on a 10" slab, I wonder what the foundation requirements are, plus what infrastructure is needed. Overhead cranes, 20,00 LBS chips per hour; gives pause for further considerations.
              I bought my 78" centers lathe, because it has the handcrank for moving the tailstock, for a particular job that requires a lot of tailstock moving.
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                thanks for that. I've been through steel mills and and size and power of the rolling mills producing coils is incredible....always wondered how those massive, hard rollers are turned, now i know. Those recirculating ball ways were very neat

                In the winter, apparently they'd drop a coil in the yard near an outside crew...I got kick out of that steel mill tidbit