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Recommendations on a Face Mill for a vertical mill general use?

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  • Recommendations on a Face Mill for a vertical mill general use?

    Gentlemen--I am contemplating a purchase of a face mill 4" dia with round inserts for general all round work on steel and aluminum. This would used primarily for facing operations. I have Acra (B'port clone) vertical mill 3hp. R8 Spindle.

    A few questions I could use you help with--round inserts? My thinking is that I would get a better final finish and with the round insert perhaps a bit more life rotating each.

    Four inch dia feels about right for most of the work I do, I am assuming I have enough juice to run a cutter of this size.

    As always, I greatly appreciate the help and any words of wisdom.

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    I use Sandvick, not the round bits though, the indexable ones



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      Face Mill

      Your 3 HP will run a 4" face mill just fine. You will usually get a better finish and better cutting with an insert with a corner. I like the 8 sided ones, but square ones work fine too. Some of the square inserts have a short wiper part to help smooth out the surface. The round insert ones are generally better for heavy cuts or difficult materials. There are always exceptions depending on the exact circumstances of all the variables.
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        I don't think your BP type mill will have the rigidity needed to run a face mill with round inserts.

        I'd go for one that uses positive rake inserts, either the APKT or SEKN type, these work really well on BP type mills. Both and have good deals on these type face mills. Stay away from the cheapy import ones (especially the TPG type), its important that the insert pockets be as aligned with each other as possible. The Toolmex/Bison brand ones are also pretty good.

        4" is pretty big for a BP, it will work but your depth of cut will be limited, especially on steel.

        Good luck-

        Paul T.
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          Gentlemen--as always thank you for the valuable input and sharing your expertise, it is very much appreciated.

          Those face mills from Glacern do look good and the price is sure reasonable.