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OT: Medical problem: Hemochromatosis questions

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  • OT: Medical problem: Hemochromatosis questions

    I was diagnosed with hemachromatosis today. It's otherwise known as Iron Overload and is very common among men. My levels are about three to four times higher than they should be and my liver is objecting. I have no signs of enlargment or any other organ damage but the liver enzymes are elevated indicating all is not well.

    I know that some of you here must have the same problem because it is so common. What I want to know is how badly does the treatment affect you at first in terms tiredness or other side effects? How soon does it make a difference and how much difference does it make to your general well being when it is under control?
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    That's an issue (knock on wood) I do not have to deal with. However, if you go to the Mayo Clinic web site they have tons of info on more conditions than you can imagine. I use some of their info for my ergonomics class.

    You may also consider going to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) site. It was quite useful when I had MRSA.

    Good luck,



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      I was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for this almost 10 years ago... They had to drain blood from me every week for about six weeks. That got it under control. As a result of this and another minor issue I see a doctor three times a year. Haven't had a problem with it since.

      Deferoxamine is used to treat it in some cases, I hear the injections are a *itch... but they do have a pill form now.
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        Sorry to hear that you have to deal with that on top of everything else. I'm on the other end of the problem - insufficient iron. Too bad there isn't some way to barter an exchange.
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          Something Evan doesn't already know everything about?


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            I will soon, first hand.
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              If you didn't live so darn far north, you could keep you some leaches as pets. Seriously, my next door neighbor has the same thing and he takes some sort of drug and watches his diet, less red meat.

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                I wish you all the best, if you had Obama care in the USA everyone would joke about you kicking the bucket. thank god you have real health care in Canada.


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                  Was that detected in testing or did you do some self-diagnosis? It's pretty hard to miss if you've got it. I don't, but a family member does. He developed an odd skin tone, and in Washington State the only skin tone we caucasoids have is bleached white on a backdrop of white. It's our way of standing out from the moss.

                  Other than coloration and loss of visual acuity, the symptoms are very much like MS. Like you need another source of fatigue in your life.


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                    It was found in the routine testing for problems related to my kidney stone issue. The main problem I have in determining my state of health is that FMS produces symptoms that can mimic nearly anything. Because of that the symptoms of something else don't stand out.

                    I can look things up and find all the technical details I need but what I want is some real life anecdotal reports from people that have actually experienced the condition and treatment. I have some decisions to make regarding what projects I commit to doing in the next 60 days and if the treatment robs me of my energy at first then I need to know that. The early treatment requires a significant amount of blood loss, up to two litres per week.
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                      Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

                      I don't have any information on this disease/disorder but I think that in a short time I will.

                      I also consider this a good thing.

                      Thank you for all your input on this board.

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                        I knew I'd heard that term before. You a Packers fan by any chance, Evan?

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                          Sorry to hear about your problem, Evan.

                          Maybe you should have your lunch at the kitchen table rather than parking your soup and sandwich in the chip tray while turning or milling cast iron.
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                            For what it's worth, The cooking of food destroys both vitamins and minerals - But it can have the opposite effect on iron, I don't have the info. right now but can try to hunt it down for you, However it works it can make absorption levels skyrocket in certain foods and even vegetables.