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Anyone tried new Laser Center finder?

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  • Anyone tried new Laser Center finder?


    has anyone tried a laser finder from this site?
    Their new model instead of a singe dot projects several patterns.

    I would not think twice if it were $60-70 but at almost $200 it is pretty pricey.

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    You need to add the http:// to that.

    I have one and while I did not like it at first, I've warmed up to it. The beam diameter is larger than I expected and it made edge finding less precise than I expected, but once you use it a while you adapt.

    It also works better with a target than bare metal though layout bluing works well, too.

    Should add I have the cheaper Asian version.

    While I was poking around I realized what "new" meant - mine do not have the projections. They might make a difference, actually.
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      Your link got mangled -- you probably clipped off the front of the URL. Here's one that will work:

      Regarding pricing, looks to me like these come in at $125 (dot) to $160 (fancy reticles), which is a fair bit less than $200. I will agree that it's not a sub-$100 impulse buy.

      I have some experience with what it takes to build an adjustable laser/optics package. It's not trivial to get good focus throughout a range of distances, *and* make it easily adjustable for beam alignment, *and* ensure that it will hold focus and zero reliably. The prices they're asking seem fair to me, if the product performs well. I have yet to read about any complaints, which on the Internets constitutes an endorsement of sorts.

      I don't have one, but it's on the list shortly after installation of a power drawbar. This type of center/edgefinder is most useful on manual machines when it's quick and easy to swap in, and a laser cf/ef mounted in its own dedicated EM holder would be pretty sweet coupled with a power drawbar.



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        I would not think twice if it were $60-70 but at almost $200 it is pretty pricey.
        But wouldn't you get an inner glow knowing you're supporting good ole US of A industry?

        Regards Ian.
        You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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          You convinced me
          BTW Looks like you can't just change the lens to switch between laser patterns. Which pattern out of three would you recommend? The web site doesn't elaborate how you would choose one pattern over the other.


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            Originally posted by dp
            You need to add the http:// to that.

            I have one and while I did not like it at first, I've warmed up to it. The beam diameter is larger than I expected and it made edge finding less precise than I expected, but once you use it a while you adapt.

            I've had the same unit for a while. Took a bit of getting used to, but I like it.



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              I have an early version. Its dot is too big to suit me for anything serious. That black thumb piece is pretty hard to move. I ended up just unscrewing the bottom half of the body to turn it on or off.


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                My pal Fred bought one when they first came out he got his money back as the thing was inaccurate.They might have sorted out the initial problems by now,I don't know.Good luck.Alistair
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                  I got the single dot version early on, and find it accurate for center finding because the spindle is running when I use it. Not so easy to handle for edge finding - probably a technique issue . . .
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                    I believe those were intended for wood working where +/- .03" is okay.


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                      Well Guys,

                      I bit the bullet and ordered one this evening. We shall see!!



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                        I have the original (single) "spot" model that can be focused and centred.

                        I find it to be very good really and getting to +/- 0.001" (~ +/- 0.025mm) - or "better" consistently is quite possible - with care.

                        It is remarkable just how sensitive and accurate the human eye is as regards "centreing

                        Here are a few pics using it on a "Dykem"-painted job with scribed lines.


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                          I've got one about a year old that I got for $100. As a neewbie it does what I wanted as far as accuracy goes.

                          After about 30 on/off cycles the thumb switch is just about useless. It has become a real PITA, binds, doesn't work.


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                            Hi All,

                            Well, I ordered the laser edge finder Tuesday evening and it arrived in the mail this morning. I put it in the lathe spindle in a 1/2" collet and lo and behold it lit up the point of the dead center I had in the tail stock. I was pretty excited.

                            The body of the edge finder seemed pretty well made out of turned aluminum stock. The switch is kind of cheesy and will require careful handling. The polarizer is also kind of cheesy, made of plastic, however it does do a good job of reducing the apparent diameter of the dot. I got the one that showed just the dot.

                            It will need to be adjusted to center the dot on the lathe center as it is turning a very small circle (maybe .020" in 30" between centers). I think this will adjust out easily. It will have to be adjusted for each spindle that you use it in to compensate for the runout in that spindle.

                            Overall I am well pleased and think it was $130.00 including shipping well spent.



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                              I've been using mine for a couple of years. It works well, and the knurled collar on the nose-end of it is a polarizer which allows you to make the laser dot bigger or smaller (small enough to where you can hardly see it)
                              It has always performed well, except I hate the "ON-OFF" switch.

                              Everything was going well with it, until the batteries died a few months ago.
                              I got a set of replacement batteries and started trying to figure out how to take it apart to replace the batteries. (No, of course I didn't read the directions)
                              Anyway, while I was trying to disassemble the thing, I removed the set-screws that hold the laser module in place....(smooth move, Exlax)
                              When I finally found that the rear of the case unscrewed, I had the task of putting it back together. That's when I discovered the set-screws were what was used to calibrate the laser finder's centerline. ...oh great!

                              After a few hours with it in the mill/drill, turning the finder in the collet, and adjusting the set-screws, I finally got it properly centered (it really helps to have the small laser target that came with it)

                              Everything is as it was, time to get back to work...until the batteries die again...I hope I remember that the back end of it unscrews this time.
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